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Brick Bowl

The big game is tonight. A big attraction to the game is the half time show. Katy Perry is the headliner for the halftime show (It should be Weird Al see video below).  The real entertainment is the half-time ads. A group of LEGO fans are particularly interested in the ads this year.



U.K. Animation studio A+C Studios will be watching the commercials. They will then use LEGO bricks to recreate the commercials as stop motion films. And they plan to have it done in 36 hours.

A+C STUDIOS  will document every minute of the 36-hour “Brick-athon”, posting the team’s progress day and night.

Once the 36 hour timer is up the film will be broadcast online and premiered to an audience at the studio.





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  1. That is cool!


    February 1, 2015 at 2:53 pm