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The team-up you demanded

Captain Marvel and Ghost action figuers. Captain Marvel is in flight behind Ghost.

Captain Marvel infinite series and Ghost action figures.


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Hello World, I’m still here.

Hey it’s been a while since I’ve had a regular post. Where have I’ve been you might ask. Last month I enrolled in a intensive software programing school. Three day a week I spend hours in lecture or coding on campus. The days I’m not on campus I’m doing online exercises. I’m also working full time.The days when I have school and class can be thirteen hour days not including the commute. So my blogging time has decreased.

On top of that last week we got hit with a winter storm. We were iced in for three days. The main roads were clear on the third day but when I tried to get out of my driveway, the truck slid off the driveway. The driveway is on a hill. Water runs down the hill and off the edge of the driveway which is where I got stuck. I tried to stuck sand, cardboard, and car mats under the tires for traction. It didn’t help. I had some neighbors try to push me out, no luck. I was stuck in the mud. I finally call a tow truck and it took him awhile to pull me up the driveway.

A few days later we got rain. But we still had ice on the driveway. The rain water pooled behind the ice and into our garage. Luckily my wife noticed it before we had too bad of a flood. The garage is mostly storage and my studio. We lost a few items but not too much. The cardboard storage boxes were trashed but most contents survived. But all the time cleaning and sort killed any photography time.

I was able to work in the studio a little today. I took the Spock picture earlier and a couple more I going to work on today. I still haven’t had time to photography my kickstarter muchkin bricks goodies. hopefully soon.

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RIP Leonard Nimoy