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Minions Movie Surprise Figures!

There are more minion surprise figures! I found blind bags at Target. They scanned for $2.39. I don’t know if that’s normal retail or not. I guess they will be $2.99 since $2.39 is an odd place.

They are Minion Movie figures. They are packed like previous Minions surprise packs with and card that covers the figures so you can’t determine which figure is inside. Some of the figures have odd shape costume so that may help find a few of them but overall it looks like random luck.

The Minions come with a white base. Since the movie is their search for a leader, they didn’t include the blue base with Gru’s logo.


There are some in a Toys R Us boxed set but this is just a few from the collection.


There will be three packs sets. With movie backgrounds some of these are in the blinds bags but not all. It looks like the sets have at least one of the blind figs.




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