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Affilate post My Little Star Light and a couple updates

This post is longer than most caused I need to give out thanks, updates, and an announcement.

First off thanks to all my followers that purchase from my affiliates. It really helps support this blog. First off Tee fury is changing the company they use for their affiliates. The links in older blog posts may not work starting in August. I’m going through his history to update them until then, if a link doesn’t work just use the side banner.

Tee fury has a one time use 15% promo code good till Aug 7. See code at end of post.

Today’s Shirt.

MLP rainbow bright mash up shirt


15% Off Sitewide-Limit One Per Customer. Valid 6/5-8/7 Use Code: HEYFURY15

Shop TeeFury New Leggings & Skirts-All Designs Under $40!

Psst really cool shirt coming late next week.

New affiliates

I’ve added a new affiliate Giantmicrobes. These are pretty cool I got one in a Nerd Block last year.



GIANTmicrobes® are stuffed animals that look like tiny microbes — only a million times actual size! They’re humorous, educational, and fun.

Originally designed as a teaching tool to help small children learn about the importance of hand-washing, as the company has grown, GIANTmicrobes® have been created for many other purposes. There are now over a hundred designs depicting everything from the cells of the body, to the probiotic creatures that improve health, to the philanthropic microbes that make bread and yogurt, to the aquatic amoebas and paramecium familiar to high school students, to a wide range of medical pathogens.


A Milestone Ahead

I’m nearing my 1000th post! I’m going to set some time aside from class so I can get some more cool LEGO Photography lined up. Look for new images in the near future.

Thank you.


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