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Creations for Charity 2015

Creations for Charity opened for the 2015 season. C4C is an annual fundraiser for underprivileged children. LEGO builders create custom items from bricks, minifigs and MOCs. They donate the items to C4C, which sells them to buy LEGO sets for children. You can even have a custom project built for yourself.

creations for charity LEGO event

The Creations for Charity brick link store opened on October 15 and closes on November 30th.

This is a great fundraiser. Help if you can purchase an item for a LEGO fan, pledge and watch the stream and feel good about helping.

Last year I got some brain slugs, a custom brick, and an awesome Ms. Marvel figure from Creations for Charity. Ms Marvel on the left came from a C4C builder.



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