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Happy Halloween From The Trick or Treat set!

I hope you have a happy Halloween. Here’s the Lego Trick or Treat set and a trio of the series 14 Monsters minifigs. The Trick or Treat Halloween (Seasonal Set # 40122) is a cool set.  It has two figures, not pictured,  a basic skeleton and a little girl dressed as a witch.I thought it was weird to have an actual Skeleton and not an adult in a costume. They could have repainted one of the many costumed characters from earlier minifig series. Or just a minifig adult with a Halloween themed shirt.

I ordered this set as soon as it was available So I wouldn’t miss it, LEGO has released some cool mini sets this year and they’ve all sold out fast. I already have the Thanksgiving set(#40123).

happy Halloween LEGO monster figs at leo house


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