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Brick Swag October Unboxing.

Yes it is  November and I am just now posting the BrickSwag unboxing for October. Sometimes life is too busy for even LEGO. The October Box was my first BrickSwag Box. The theme was one of my favorites, Robots.

The shirt is a line up of LEGO robots and droids. I have all of those on the shirt. The one at the end is a peek at this month’s build. The design is on black which helps make the artwork pop. This is a new favorite of mine.

Brickswag october box booster brick

There was also a bag of bricks from Booster Bricks. This bag of bricks has a minifig. There’s about fifty bricks here plus the fig. You can see the interior of the magazine behind the bricks.

Brickswag build magazine and cards

This is the Build Magazine and the cards. It is a small but cool magazine. It is 12 pages not including the cover. It is  the size of a standard size of printer paper folded in half.

BrickSwag’s New Robot Mascot


The build for October is a  mini Brickbot. This robot is their mascot.  I’m a robot fan so I’m really happy with this guy. One of his eyes is half closed. He looks kind of sad. I could change it with another eye from my stock but I think it gives him a little more personality. I may have to find another partially closed eye to complete the look.

The BrickSwag brick is white and has the date on it.  I like these printed bricks. I have a small collection of these printed bricks from  Kickstarter Projects and special events. This will add nicely to my collection.

Bricksawg box build

Here is the Robot with a Clockwork robot minifig for size comparison.

BrickSwag Box Contents

  1. Robot Build
  2. LEGO Robot Line up Shirt
  3. BrickSwag 2×3 Brick
  4. Build Magazine
    • Brickbot Build Instructions
    • A LEGO Wall-E set review
    • Alternative Wall-E Head Instructions
    • An article on Blacktron
    • An article on designing this month build.
  5. Booster Bricks Pack
  6. Five mini-fig Cards


So how much does this cost? A monthly subscription is $26 plus shipping. It was $7 for me so total cost was $34. The price per month goes down if you buy in 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscriptions. Subscribe to their email sometimes they send  discount code for new subscribers.



Booster Bricks

Your Thoughts?

What do you think of Brick Swag?  If there’s interest I’ll continue to blog the boxes. Next’s month theme is the Force. There’s about two weeks left to sign up for that box.

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