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Rey Day!

ReyDay is a response to the news that toy makes were told to exclude Rey from their merchandise.

Lady Damfino is holding an event to show support for The Force Awakens Hero. If you are in the area on Jan 24 go to DisneyLand dressed to show support of Rey. Current plans are to meet in Tomorrowland and watch the 2:25 Jedi Training.
If you are not in the area post Rey artwork, costume pics, or with the hashtag #ReyDay2016.

full details at ReyDay.

thanks for the heads up Lady Nerd



I shot this friday and delayed posting it till today. I was actually able to find this Rey on Force Friday as it was one of the few left by the time I could make it to a store. I am still looking for a 6′ Black Series version with BB-8. With the recent ice then snow I won’t be able to look for a few days.


Here’s a list of some of the Rey toys that are currently available.

A cool modification to the LEGO Rey’s Speeder set to make it more screen accurate.

Rey Fans

Did you have trouble finding Rey action figures or merchandise?


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