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Shirtpunch has a FireFly bundle

ShirtPunch has three shirts today 2/24/16  featuring X-files, Kylo Ren, and Firefly. But the coolest thing is a Firefly bundle with three action figures and a Serenity ornament for $20.







Deadpool: The Wadepool?

Deadpool said “hey I want more screen time. Put me back on the blog.” So I did.

deadpool in a shark costume making a pool shark joke is told that deadpool already told that joke.


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A fan made trailer: The Road to Civil War

MCU Supercut – The Road to Civil War’

Am awesome cut of Marvel Movie footage to prepare fans for Captain America: Civil War.

Deadpool at TeeFury: Affiliate post.

Two Deadpool Designs at  Tee-fury Feb 15. Get these limited edition shirt at! Ace of wades and Our Guy’ll Kill Ya! Today only But There’s also the chimichanga-party collection from Feb 15 -22.

deadpool tees






A different archer

A valentines gift to my followers a new comic. OK 90% new I used the same joke with these minion props yesterday. But this time I added Hawkeye, Falcon and Deadpool.


LEGO Deadpool hawkeye and falcon.

Brick Swag Valentines Shirt

This is the BrickSwag shirt for January. The box didn’t arrive till February and I’ve not had time to shoot it all yet. But since it’s Valentines Day I wanted to share this shirt.



Deadpool Week Day 7: A Valentines Date!

Deadpool weekend continues with “To Chimicangas!” This comic debuted on April 2015.


LEGO Deadpool toasting to his favorite food.


Also check back here tonight for more figure humor.

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Valentines Minion Mega Blok minifigs

Hey I found some thing cool at Target valentines Minions. These are part of the Despicable Me Mega Blok  series.

minion mega bloks valentines sets i'm with cupid

There are only two in this series Kevin and Bob. Really the only thing on these are the accessories. Kevin has an “I’m with Cupid” sign and Bob has wings, bow and arrow. The limited parts make it easy to feel the bag and get both figures with getting duplicates. Both come with a red 2×4 brick.

“What’s in the Bag Tip?”:

Feel for the accessories. The sign is a square all sides the same length, and it is thin. If you find a square it’s Kevin no square it’s Bob. The wings are squishy in the bag and the arrow is just a stick. You might try feeling for the body size of the minions but may confuse the brick for Kevin long torso.

Minion Fan?

So will you add these to your collection? Give as a gift tomorrow? Yep last-minute cause I found them at the last-minute.

Deadpool Week Day 6: Photobomber

This was from last july.

Deadpool Photobombs!.

Lego avengers in a semi circle getting their picture taken when deadpool photobombs them

Hey guess what’s for dinner tonight Chimicangas!

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Deadpool at shirtpunch affiliate post!

ShirtPunch has three Deadpool shirts today 2/12/16  plus a bundle with a Deadpool Pop and Deadpool verses Thanos comic. The bundle is $10 and the shirts start at $10 each.






Plus there’s three days left to grab February’s Nerd Block featuring DeadPool.

Deadpool is crashing February’s Nerd Block Classic with his very own exclusive item, making for a month full of awesome surprises for all our subscribers!