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Smuggler’s Bounty: Cantina Box unboxing Spoilers!

Smuggler’s Bounty March 2016

I recently subscribed to Smuggler’s Bounty. It is a bimonthly mystery box featuring Star Wars and Funko. Everything in the box is exclusive to Smuggler’s Bounty. The theme for this box was  Cantina, So let’s see What in the box.


Stop reading now if you don’t want to know.


The box included a Mos Eisley patch, a Chewbacca ink pin, and a pin. The pin and patch were suppose to be in plastic bags and attached to the first level of the box. My pin was out of the bag and floating around the box. Once you lift the first level of the boc there’s an inner level with the larger items.


A Wanted poster Tee shirt featuring Han Solo. This is my first box but all the others I’ve seen posted the Shirts are Funko Pop related. I’ve also seen alternate shirts. If you look in the previous boxes section on Smuggler’s Bounty. You’ll see some months there have been multiple designs while another month the designs was the same but there were different shirt colors.

This month there are different designs. I’ve seen Ponda Baba, Momaw Nadon, and Muftak wanted poster shirts.


A Ben Kenobi Pop. This is a new mold. Actually both the Pops this month are new Molds.


The final item this month is Snaggletooth Pop. There were two versions of Snaggletooth a red shorter version as the character appeared in Star Wars. And a Chase version of taller Snaggletooth in a blue costume. This is to pay homage to the Kenner figure line. When Kenner based the figure off limited information. The chase version was only found in 1 of 5 boxes.


Your thoughts on Subscription boxes.

Right now I get Smuggler Bounty and Brick Swag. I behind on posting Brick Swag but the March box will be up this week.

Do you subscribe to any of these boxes?

Do you know of any other boxes?

And I might as well put this out there. IF you have a comics, toy or science fiction box and want me to review it send me one.


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