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I Am Your Candidate.

LEGO Stormtrooper wearing a vote Darth Vader tee

This awesome custom torso is from Eclipse Grafx. They have shirts for the less interesting candidates as well. They also have some cool vending machine sets, that I didn’t see when I ordered this torso and a couple other bricks.


TRU: Free LEGO City Polybag

This week at Toys R Us, you can get a free LEGO City Prison Helicopter set with a purchase of any LEGO purchase of $30 or more. Set #30346 is a single person helicopter. The set has 46 pieces and includes a mini-fig. It has a retail value of $3.99.

LEGO City patrol set from toys r us

Will you add this set to your Collection?

MMM- Photographing Miniatures – Depth of Field

Tourmaline .

Part 5 of a 7 part series on photographing miniatures.


I’ve attempted to keep this short and sweet, with lots of diagrams, while also getting fairly technical. Don’t hesitate to ask questions if something’s unclear.

PhotographingMiniatures (4)

Depth of Field – in short, the way you blur your image is super essential to miniature photography. Give too much away, with tons of detail, and you take away the mystery.

By no means is this a hard and fast rule – if you have a set with immaculate detail, in which every tiny piece needs to be visible – use a long depth of field. In just about…

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