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Reminder Black Widow Build and Grow!

Build and Grow!

It’s almost time for the Black Widow Build and Grow project. The event date is August 13 but you need to preregister to be assured your child can get one. To attend the event you need to register at Lowe’s Build and Grow. These event start at 10am and if you’re later than 10:15 they may give the set to people than have not registered.

Black widow

What’s Included?

The free kit has a wooden project, instructions with a comic on the back,  a patch of that project, an apron and goggles.. You can put your child’s name on the apron and iron on the patches. Then they can wear it the next time.

black widow patch from lowes

To attend the event you need to register at Lowe’s Build and Grow. Use the store locator to fins the nearest event. Fill out the form. Then print out the waiver and bring it to with you. Registration for the next event opens Monday after an event.

  • Captain America June 11
  • Iron Man June 25
  • Falcon July 9
  • Thor July 23
  • Black Widow Aug 13
  • Hulk Aug ?


They also sell some Build and Grow kits. They had a couple of wood car sets and some child sized hammers. The kits are not in the area where the event occurred. At our location they were near the Key cutting section. You can see some of the sets on the Build and Grow site.


Ever been?

Have you ever taken your child to one of these events? Will you take them to one?


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