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Happy Halloween!

I hope you have a happy Halloween. Here’s the Lego Trick or Treat set and a trio of the series 14 Monsters minifigs. The Trick or Treat Halloween (Seasonal Set # 40122) is from 2015.

happy Halloween LEGO monster figs at leo house


Lucille is Awesome shirt at shirtpunch! affiliate post

ShirtPunch has a LEGO Negan Minifig shirt today.




Hiking in the libary

Hiking in the library. We are the Alabama Renaissance Faire this weekend. This was shot at the Library that borders the Faire. Plus we’re attending with two Librarians from a different library.

hiking lego f

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Teaser

Star Wars Vintage figure song (Johnny Cash parody)

October first means Pumpkin Spice Season is here.

BB-8 and Sasquatch of Alpha flight express their love of pumpkin spice

I picked up a Sasquatch and Puck set at ToyMania today. When I saw BB-8 in my studio I knew I had to do a cross over.

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