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March 3 is Take your action figure to work day 2017

The first Friday in March is Take Your Action Figure to Work Day. So prepare now. I was on Vacation last year and didn’t know ahead of time. I made a quick photo in my home office. This year I’ll being working at home so it’ll still be a Home office picture(s). I have a couple ideas of who will I will take to work.

Here’s last year’s shot.

Take your Action figure to workday.

Take your action figure to work on the first Friday in March and post pictures of him/her/it with you, with your coworkers, with a client or with your boss (well, maybe not your boss).

You’re only limited by your own creativity. Post away! Be sure you include the Official #AFWDYYYY (example: #AFWD2015, #AFWD2016, etc…) so we can all see the amazing things you do to make this as nerdy as possible.

So friday March 3 remember to pack a fig and have some fun.

Your Thoughts?

Will you take a Figure to work on friday?


Any suggestions on who I should take?


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