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Star Wars Science Xcavations Skulls!

I recently found these at Wal-mart. They are part of the Star Wars Science line. The crates are blind boxes that contain the skulls of various creatures from the Star Wars Universe.

Star Wars Science Xcavations Creature Crates one wrapped one unwrapped


The crates are filled with sand. You dig the bones out and build the skull. The sand is dense and clumps together. It might be kinetic sand. It’s not regular toy sand. They didn’t include a digging tool so I used a plastic spoon. Eventually I just turned the crate upside down and dumped it into an old plastic lunch meat package.

I hate sand’ ‘it’s course and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere’

Star Wars Science Xcavations Creature Crates opened and full of colored sand


Once all the parts are out you can build the skull. The first set I opened was a Hutt. It looks cool but took some wiggling to get the jaw to pop into place.

Series 1 includes Hutt, Trandoshan, Gamorrean, Rodian, Monkey-lizard, and Zabrak.

The Science part of these toys is that they based these skulls on actual animal skulls. The Xcavation set includes a pamphlet with what earth animals on which they based their designs. It has scientific names and habitat information. They used ape and board skulls to design the Gamorrean skull. And Alligator and Iguana skulls for references for the Trandashan skull. Which was the second package I opened. Boosk the Bounty Hunter was a Trandashan.

Trandashan skull

You can see a bit of the red sand still attached to the skull. Preview photos from the toy fair show certain skulls are packed in certain colored sand.

Hutt and Trandashan Skulls shown here with Black Series BB-8 for size reference.

Hutt and Trandashan Skulls shown here with Black Series BB-8 for size reference.

What’s in the box: CHEAT CODES:
These codes are embossed on bottom of the plastic boxes:

  • 125 Rodian
  • 127 Hutt
  • 128 Gammorren Guard
  • 129 Maul
  • 130 Monkey Lizard
  • 131 Trandashan

I had a bit of a preview of these kits a while back. If you remember my BB-8 behind a crate post from earlier in the month you’ve seen the crates. I just now have time to do a proper write-up on them.

These sets are cool and a fun little activity. They come with a Skull, toy sand, and a crate for around $4.99. Uncle Milton also makes a Rancor and Tauntaun Skelton models. I haven’t seen them in stores yet.

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