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It’s Spider-Ham!
spider-pig recreates scene from hamlet using skull of a Gamorrean guard

Spider-Ham is from the Hasbro:Marvel Legends Monster Venom build a figure series. He comes with a Monster Venom torso and a Pork Grid head. Pork Grind is “Venom” of the Spider-Ham series. The Pork Grind head fits on the Monster Venom body but looks too small. I seen suggestions it will fit on the Venom figure from this series. I may get the regular Venom to see.

The rest of the Monster Venom BAF series includes, Venom, Poison, Scream, Carnage, and Typhoid Mary.

The Gamorrean guard skull is from Star Wars Science Xcavations Skulls. I have perviously written here. I’ve just updated the post with codes that tells the character in the Cargo box.


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