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2018 Star Wars LEGO Christmas Advent Calendar * Review

A quick review of the 2018 Star Wars Advent Calendar (75213).

My favorites were the Cloud City, Rathtar, IG-88, Tie-Fighter, Speeder bike, and Antoc Merrick. It was cool to see stuff from the animated LEGO show. But I really enjoyed the Rouge One stuff. I really like last years Rebels builds. The calendar was tilted towards Newer Star Wars films. Rose and the Guavian Death Gang Member were a cool part of the set. The limited Christmas themed builds was disappointing.  Those Christmas theme Star Wars builds were part of the fun of previous year’s sets. This year only had a tree and a snowman. Both were cool build but I wanted more.

What Christmas theme minifig would you like to see in 2019? Are you hoping LEGO will bring back the Christmas inspired figs and minibuilds?

I asked this a few years ago. I still want a Santa Solo. (Hoth Gear).  Another cool one would be Hera with stockings over her head tails. Seriously LEGO Santa Han or Elven Hera or Ashoka would be awesome.


What Christmas theme minifig would you like to see in 2014? I like to see Queen Amidala from set #9499 Gungan Sub as a Christmas tree.  Or back to the Original Trilogy and an Empire Strikes Back theme with Santa Solo in red Hoth gear. Plus a Miss Santa Leia. Or Maybe a Snow Droid C3-PO or Gift wrapped Han Solo in Carbonite with a bow.

What was your favorite? What was you least favorite?


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