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2019 Star Wars LEGO Christmas Advent Calendar * Recap

A quick review of the 2019 Star Wars Advent Calendar (75245).


  1. First Order Stormtrooper (Dec 3) (TFA)
  2. Chewbacca with porg and fire (Dec 7) (TFA)
  3. Luke Skywalker (Dec 9) (TLJ)
  4. Death Star Gunner (Dec 12) (ANH)
  5. Tantive IV Rebel Solider (Dec 18) (ANH)
  6. Cloud Car Pilot (Dec 22) (ESB)


  1. Mouse Droid (Dec 13) (ANH)
  2. Battle Droid (Dec 15) (TPM)
  3. Gronk Droid as a present (Dec 23) (ANH)
  4. Santa Porg (Dec 24) (TLJ)

LEGO Chewbacca roasting a porg over a fire.


    1. First Order Star Destroyer(Dec 1) (TFA)
    2. Kylo Ren’s ship  (Dec 2) (TFA)
    3. Poe Dameron’s X-wing (Dec 5) (TFA)
    4. Resistance Troop Transporter (Dec 6) (TFA)
    5. Quad Jumper (Dec 10) (TFA)
    6. N-99 Persuader-class enforcer droid tank (Dec 14) (TPM)
    7. Trade Federation MTT (Dec 16) (TPM)
    8.  Escape Pod (Dec 18) (ANH)
    9. Cloud Car (Dec 21) (ESB)

Poe's X-wing mini lego build.


      1. Ahch-To (Dec 8)(TLJ).
      2. Icon Cannon ad turret at Echo Base (Dec 20) (ESB).

Ahch-To mini micro build.


      1. Cannon (Dec 4) (TFA)
      2. Death Star Turrets(Dec 11) (ANH)
      3. Mynock (Dec19) (ESB)

lego mynock from star wars.

(TPM) the Phantom Menace
(ATC) Attack of the Clones
(ROS) Return of the Sith
(ANH) Star Wars:A New Hope
(ESB) The Empire Strikes back
(RTJ) Return of the Jedi
(TFA) The Force Awakens
(TLJ) The Last Jedi



My favorites were Chewbacca cooking a Porg, Luke Skywalker, Poe’s X-wing, the Mynock, and Ahch-To. I think this is the third Chewbacca we’ve seen in the advent Calendars. One was a snowman version. But Chewie cooking a Porg is just funny. I love the micro location build like Ahch-To.
Like last year the wasn’t much holiday themed builds. I miss that the themed build help make the calendar special. See below for the snowman Chewbacca from 2016. I hope next year there are more. I also wish they would not show everything on the box. I want to be surprised by the build. It would be great if they would show a few and say 24 gifts. Maybe blot out the models, like Kenner did before Jedi was released. Also if they could make the online PDF instructions less spoiler. If you download it you can see all the builds.

What Christmas theme minifig would you like to see in 2020? I like to see Queen Amidala from set #9499 Gungan Sub as a Christmas tree.  Or back to the Original Trilogy and an Empire Strikes Back theme with Santa Solo in red Hoth gear. Plus a Miss Santa Leia. Or Maybe a Snow Droid C3-PO or Gift wrapped Han Solo in Carbonite with a bow. It would be real easy to make snowman BB-8,

What was your favorite? What was you least favorite?


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