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Toy Photography Book on sale!

With the shutdown, comic books aren’t being delivered to stores.  Comic and their distributors are closed. To prevent fan boredom Dynamite comics is running an indiegogo champaign with on hand books. They are discounting graphic novels and comics that they have in stock so won’t be delayed waiting for publication.

One of the books is Ten Seconds Per Frame by Johnny Wu. He has some amazing Toy Photographer. The book is only $6.00. Other books include Red Sonja, The Romita Legacy, Art of Alex Ross, and mystery boxes of comics and graphic novels. They’ve already sold out of the Art of Atari book, I would have bought it if they still had any.

Supplies are limited to what is on hand and the sale ends at the end of April. Shipping is expected to start as soon as indiegogo releases the payment.





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