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New series Brick Sketches

LEGO has annoucned a new series LEGO Sketches, These were designed by LEGO artist Chris McVeigh. He’s been making these on his site for years. But now are an official set that you can get this summer.

These first sets are BB-8, First Order Stormtrooper, Batman and Joker. I’ll get BB-8 and Batman.

I like how how designed batman grin.

I’ve admired these since I saw the on Chris’ site. They remind me of the old Toys R US build of Captain America set my son made. I toyed around with building my own character portraits like this but never got far. I bought some plates for it and that;s about as far as I got. The Brick Sketches have a better look that this old kit. The blocky look is replaced by a more in depth look. I can’t wait for these.


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