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R2-KT and The Child challenge coin

There’s a new R2-KT challenge coin on the way. This one uses a redesign of a patch. The coin displays  R@-KT on onside and the child on the other. Sales of the coin benefit the United Way Covid-19 World Relief Fund. 

The patch was designed to show separation by how we positioned the characters, but the coin makes it even more clear: R2-KT on one side, the Child (aka Baby Yoda) on the other. Separated, but never far apart.

R@_KT and The Child with hearts in between them. Text sasy "hug you I can with the force."


Order Information

* Coins are 1.5″ in diameter with a silver metallic finish and made to the same standards as all our challenge coins. 

* Each coin is $7 (or $5 each for orders of five or more).

* Shipping is just $4 for every five coins ordered in the U.S.

* International shipping is $8 for up to five coins. For orders of more than five coins, please email us how many coins you want and we can get you a quote on cost of shipping.

* Pre-order now by sending payment via PayPal to

* Please use the Goods & Services option when paying (to keep PayPal happy)

* Coins will ship in late June / early July

More patches here


I have several of the KT challenge coins. They are well designed and have a nice weight to them.

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