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Support Brick Journal

TwoMorrows publishes BrickJournal, a LEGO focused magazine. They also publish LEGO books and comic related magazines. They have been hit hard by the shutdown. Barnes & Noble stores and comics shops where they sell their products are all shut down. Like the much of the publishing industry, their distributors are shut down. See my previous post about Dynamite books Indiegogo.

They have had to destroy printed copies of their newest issue of BrickJournal. The issues were stuck in shipping, They were sitting in a warehouse and could not be delivered. The publisher would have to pay rent on the issues while the sat there or pay for special delivery. So to save money, those issues were destroyed.

brickjornal magazine cover of lars homestead from star wars.

They are needing to increase their Mail order sales and have some special offers. They have a flyer with full details. A summary of their sales is listed below.

brick journal cover of a train.


Here’s THREE ways to help keep BrickJournal clicking!

ONE: Subscribe for a half-year!
We’re temporarily offering less expensive half-year print and digital subscriptions, which let you support us for the short-term, then go back to purchasing at stores as they hopefully reopen over the next few months. Or order a full year to help even more! Subscribe Here

TWO: Order back issues at 40% off!
Download our new 2020 Digital Catalog to get most back issues at 40% off for a limited time! There’s even a bundle with all the issues through #50 for 50% off!

Go to this link: Back Issues

THREE: Tell your friends!
Even if you can’t place an order now, please spread the word about BrickJournal on social media! Every print and digital order helps keep the magazine for Lego® fans clicking!

Joe Meno, BrickJournal editor
John Morrow, publisher, TwoMorrows Publishing


BrickJournal is a very informative magazine. BrickJournal has LEGO tips, build instructions, interviews with LEGO artists, and more. Issue #32 has an interview with Chris McVeigh. The article includes show some of his Brick Sketches including an earlier version of the soon to be released Batman Brick Sketch set . I have several issues and both of their minifigure customization books. They have print and digital versions of BrickJournal.


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