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Dino Dudes Kickstarter

Crazy Bricks has a new Kickstarter Dino Dudes. Crazy Bricks makes some cool custom pieces. I have some of their Munchkin and Mouse Guard set. They make a great product. For a $22 pledge you can get a single color accessory set or a fully printed single Dino Dude. Or for $44 one set and a fully printed Dino Dude.  Plus supporters on 1st day JUNE 16 and get an “I heart Nessie” top hat.

Dino Dudes kickstarter

UPDATE: Funded in 5 hours. Stretch goals are being unlocked. Free digitigrade legs, new color, addon menu and overnight the Triceratops has been unlocked.

dinosaur costume for LEGO miniifigs.

This was an instant support!

dino dudes

Each SET ( Head and body of all three starting Dino Dudes, which are Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus and T-Rex ) of accessories you pledge will come in a singular color.  If we unlock all the stretch goals, then the SET will ALSO include the Triceratops and Pterodactyl with matching CrazyArms.



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