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WandaVision Week: The Finale! Picture unrelated.

The season finale of WandaVision is today. I’ve been posting Scarlet Witch and Vision themed photos all week. This was a very entertaining series. I enjoyed it and hope they keep making more Marvel studio shows.
The image below the cut is not a show spoiler but hidden so viewers won’t think it is a spoiler. I’m also posting this later in the day than normal to keep people thinking it is a spoiler. Some of the social sites this posts too don’t hide the image behind the cut.

These are both Marvel Legends action figures. Ultron’s head is a build a figure part that was included with an Ant-man action figure.

Scarlet Witch with her booted foot on decapitated Ultron's head.

Know it?

This shot was inspired by a comic cover. Do you recognize it? answers in the comments. If you want to know click “Trivia Answer” under suggested Reading.

I won’t post any WandaVision spoilers, please don’t post any in the comments. If I think of something that could be a potential spoiler, I’ll hide it behind a cut and won’t post it till a few days after that episode airs. I will also tag it wandaVisionspoilers. That said I’m focusing on the old comics and random things for content of the photos, not as much as the show as to help avoid spoilers.

Suggested Reading
Trivia Answer.
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