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Crazy Legs Kickstarter

Crazy Bricks the people that made Crazy arms and Dino Dudes re back with Crazy Legs. A new kickstarter with cool legs designs. The campaign just started. Day one supporters get a free set of Javelin arms. Read about it on kickstarter.

The initial 3 pack set of legs includes tactical legs for sniper, step-up and, high kick. There is another 3 packs as a stretch goal. It called Super and had flying, kneeling, and super pose. I’m pretty sure they will hit that goal. reward pledges start at $11 and are expected to ship in October.

CrazyBricks makes some cool stuff. Here is the T-Rex with custom torso from their Dino Dudes line. I still need to process my photos of the Dino Dudes package. If you scroll back in the blog you can see the fossil triceratops.

lego mini figure in a T-rex costume.

See more about Crazy Legs on kickstarter page.


They have now unlocked two colors options, red and green. Stretch goal 3 is the super pack. Hopefully that will be achieved soon.


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