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LEGO Comic Creator

LEGO has a create your own comic book feature. LEGO Comic Creator lets you build your own minifig and put it in a digital comic. For a limited time there’s an option for a printed comic. The story will take place in one of three theme worlds; Star Wars, Spider-man, or Batman.
It’s a fun a app to build a comic. You pick skin tone, minifig head, and clothes. You then choose your theme, and there is a series of questions to modify the story.

LEGO minifigure with shirt that says "Player 1". He's wearing headphones.

I did the Star Wars one and it is cute. The story is a mixed between LEGO builds and illustration of the custom minifig. Your character is playing with the LEGO sets in the comic.

LEGO is limiting the printed comic to 3 per household. So make a few digital copies and download them. They email you a download link for the digital comic.


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