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Take it easy, Spidey.

Spider-man taking a break from saving the city. Here’s my version of Spider-man Homecoming poster.

LEGO Spider-man laying on a park bench. he has a yellow jackrt and headphone on. In the background are several sky scapers including Avengers tower.
  • Spider-man and the Avengers tower are from the Avengers Advent calendar. (#76196)
  • Some of the buildings in the background are ships from the 2021 Star Wars Advent calendar. (#75307 ) They are vertical instead of horizontal.
  • The other building are a weapons rack from the same calendar and a LEGO part with other parts added to it.
  • The bench and flower pot are from LEGO fountain (#40221).
  • The headphone were part of the Bro Thor’s New Asgard set (#76200).
  • Wait, Spider-man’s knee is bent. Yes that cause he has amazing flexibility. Ok it’s Crazy Legs from Crazy Bricks. They have two sets of legs, super or tactical. I’ll share others soon.
  • Crazy Bricks made the Dino Dudes parts and will have another kickstarter in early 2022.
closer pic of LEGO spider-man laying on a bench.

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