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National Bobble Head day

It’s national Bobble Head Day so here are some bobble heads.

Stitch bobble head toy.

funko pop bambshell. catwoman
deadpool the duck funko pop

Marvel Legends She-Hulk

Here’s the green paint of Marvel Legend She-Hulk. A few years ago there was a gray version of this same sculpt. I prefer the green version that’s how the character is usually shown.

Marvel's She-hulk in thigh deep snow. She's angry.

It snowed a second time in a week here. This is a separate snow event from the Captain Carter image. It’s not often we have measurable snow in the area and real rare to have snow have it melt away and then more snow days later.

She-hulk standing in deep snow.

The figure has alternate hands and heads. The hands are closed fist and the head has a calm expression. I prefer the action look.

eye level view of she-hulk. she facing the camera
She-hulk in snow.

Disney+ will air a She-Hulk show later this year.

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