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Clone Wars: Darth Maul Returns, But how?

With the new Kenobi series airing lets have a look back at some Clone Wars content. Here is a blog post from 2012, when Darth Maul’s return was announced. We ran a series predicting what the new Darth Maul might look like.

This weekend The Phantom Menace returns to the big screen but this time in 3D. Lucasfilm is promoting the re-release with packaging and advertising featuring Darth Maul. Darth Maul was cut in two and plummeted to his death in the final act of the movie.
But this spring he returns to the small screen in The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. Since the Clone Wars takes place after Phantom Menace you probably have some question like, How did he survive? If he survived why is he just now showing up? legs? or Does George Lucas know what continuity means?

We’d like to help answer one of those questions, here’s our first prediction of what Darth Maul’s new legs will look like.

 Darth Maul did return in comic books in Star Wars: Visionaries but that was a What if? story.


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