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She-Hulk Thursday

The She-Hulk series is now streaming. I won’t post any spoilers in this post, please don’t post any in the comments. I’m not basing my photos on the show just general comic book history. If I think of something that could be a potential spoiler, I’ll hide it behind a cut and won’t post it till a few days after that episode airs.

Here’s another shot of She-Hulk from the Marvel Legends figures line. This version was released last year. an older version had gray skin. There will be a new figure featuring the likeness of She-hulk from the show.
Here’s a previous post with more pictures of She-Hulk in the snow.

She-hulk 3/4 portrait.

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Marvel Verse She-Hulk

She may have started out Savage, but there’s no doubt that She-Hulk is the most Sensational hero in all the Marvel-Verse — and these are the adventures that prove it! Discover how a life-saving blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner, led to a green-skinned transformation for lawyer Jennifer Walters! As the emerald attorney interviews for a new law firm, Jen meets the legendary Blonde Phantom! While She-Hulk takes on the Mutant Registration Act in court, her arch-foe Titania causes serious disorder!

She-Hulk Epic Collection: Breaking the Fourth Wall

She’s done being savage…now it’s time to be sensational! Industry legend John Byrne launches She-Hulk’s second solo series with a twist — because Shulkie knows she’s a character in a comic book! As the jade giantess smashes the glass ceiling at her new law firm, she does the same to the “fourth wall” between character and audience — 


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