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LEGO Star Wars Advent Day Five

It’s time for LEGO advents. Every day till Christmas Eve we open a door of the Star Wars Lego Advent calendar (#75340) What is today’s LEGO advent item?

What is today’s LEGO Advent item?

Today we have a Battle Droid. I was happy when these weren’t in the calendar last year. I’ve said before if they are putting these in the calendar, make it a trooper builder and put two in for a day. But these parts are useful. We saw a gray version yesterday with Rocket’s work shop.
That is a nice looking arm hope nothing happens to it.
More prequel stuff hopefully tomorrow we see some stuff from other eras? Original trilogy, Rebels, some of the Disney+ shows.

We are also opening the Guardians of the Galaxy advent calendar. That post will be up later today.

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