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LEGO Star Wars Advent Dec 12

It’s time for LEGO advents. Every day till Christmas Eve we open a door of the Star Wars Lego Advent calendar (#75340) What is today’s LEGO advent item? This years there’s some tie in with the LEGO Holiday special, more ugly sweaters.

What is today’s LEGO Advent item?

Today advent item is Darth Vader is a tank top. Darth Vader wore the top in the LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation special. This is a colorful and funny build. The shirt is of sunset at a beach on Scarif with a sun and the Death Star in the Sky. There are silhouetted tie-fighters and palm trees.

Vader also has swim flippers and a beach ball. This is a highlight of the calendar.

It has more printing on the back. The Citadel Tower of Scarif.

We are also opening the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special advent calendar. That post will be up later today.

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