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LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Day 16

This year Marvel has a Guardians of the Galaxy advent calendar to tie in with the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. I will post a pic of each day’s item. This is more fun than looking for a worlde hint for today. In the special Mantis and Drax are trying to find the perfect gift to cheer up Peter.

The builds are based on the GOTG movies than the special itself. But there are some Christmas theme builds like the presents. I don’t think we will have Mantis in an ugly sweater. UPDATE surprise we had Nebula in an Ugly Sweater in the calendar, but she didn’t wear one in the Holiday Special.

What is today’s Advent item?

What is the GOTG gift for December 16? Is it a ship? Is is Christmas Decorations? A little bit of both?

Today we have a Boom Box straight from the 80’s when Peter was picked up by the Yondu and crew. This was an easy build with cool printed pieces of dial and Peter’s awesome mix cassette. The speakers are a smart use of bricks.

You may remember on day ten I had to remove the tray to hunt for loose pieces. I had to pick up some bags to get the loose brick from the compartment. This is the bag I left of the table. I stuck it into day tens box till today when I found it it should have gone. Read about day ten.

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