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LEGO Star Wars Advent Dec 16

It’s time for LEGO advents. Every day till Christmas Eve we open a door of the Star Wars Lego Advent calendar (#75340). It kind of like what’s today’s wordle answer but with Star Wars and bricks. What is today’s LEGO advent item?

What is today’s LEGO Advent item?

Today’s advent item is a weapons rack with a blaster and ammo. There are also two little squares with wheels. Mouse droids? Target practice? Usually when there a weapons rack the next day is a mini figure. We’ll see tomorrow. There’s two empty studs for a minfig to stand on. I like that in recent years these rack have become mini figure diplays,

gray wall with gray box for lego ammo

We are also opening the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special advent calendar. That post will be up later today.

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