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Bonus LEGO Star Wars Advent Content!

The advent calendar is done all doors have been open. But there’s still time for fun here’s extra photos from the calendar.

What is today’s Star Wars LEGO Advent item?

I called the Day 22 “The greatest figures stand ever! ” It is the ice cave where the Wampa stores Luke. Luke hangs upside down via some studs. I liked the build but it could be improved.

Here’s the image of the build with Luke Skywalker.

Luke shywalker hanging upside down in an icy cave.

The build looked good but needed more. It was a bit unstable One side was made of tall 1x2s and went straight up no overlapping pieces I replaces on of the tall pieces with a shorter 1×2 and two single studs one with a stud on the side. This let me a a white piece as a snow shelf.
The part that holding Luke was only attached to one stude. I added a second SNOT piece behind it.

LEGO Luke in the wampa cave. Hi lightsaber in stuck i ice.

I added some blue transparent pieces for an ice look. and stuck the lightsaber in a ice. I need a white or blue transparent piece to replace the tan clip that holds the bone brick.

LEGO Luke in the wampa cave. Hi lightsaber in stuck i ice.

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