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Mandalorian Month

The new season of The Mandalorian starts today. I plan to get some pics of Mandalorian LEGO mini figures this week. Also Friday is take an action figure to work day. I need to figure whom to take to the home office. ( #afwd2023 )

Here is the Brick Headz set of the Child and Mandalorian 2 pack set #75317. It has 295 pieces and was released in July 2020 before we knew Grogu’s name.

The Child comes with a hover cradle. The Child is smaller than a standard Brick Headz since it is of a child. The brain is a pink 1×1 brick. For those unfamiliar with brickheadz, they have a brain, it’s a pink 2×2 brick other than that the build was straight forward.

Mandolorian brick built figure.
The child brick headz kit. The child is a young alien of the same species as Yoda.
Grogu LEGO

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