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14 Years? Yes and No.

14 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy Anniversary with!You registered on 14 years ago.Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

I just got this alert 14 years on WordPress. Have I been here that long. Yes for WordPress Join to run a blog for another site. But Yoda Archives didn’t start till 2011. Still a long time to run a site based on action figures, photography, and humor.

Thanks for following along.

December 01

It is now December.Now is the time for my annual posting of the LEGO Star Wars advent calendar. Today we have the Razor Crest from the Mandalorian,
Cool mini ship.

This year There is also a LEGO Avengers Advent. Today we have Tony Stark in an Ugly Sweater.

Happy Halloween.

I hope you enjoy Halloween and have fun.

Last Day of Dino Dudes 2 Kickstarter

Today is the last day of the Crazy Bricks Dino Dudes 2 on Kickstarter. The current Dino Dude suits are Carnotaurus, Dimetrodon, Ankylosaurus, Centrosaurus and Brontosaurus. You can choose a set of just the 5 costume pieces to add to your mini fogs.or a fully painted minifigure version of a single Dino Dude, or combinations of both. It’s $22 for a set of the five dino costume accessories or $22 for a single minifig of one Dino Dude. Plus more tiers.
There is still time to unlock add ons of Kaiju versions Brontosaurus and Triceratops or a new Parasaurus. These add on will cost extra. The Brontosaurus and Triceratops were part of the first run of Dino Dudes but this would be a new paint job.
check it out on Kickstarter they even have a promo video. The first series of Dino Dudes was awesome I’m looking forward to this new set.

lego skeleton triceratops mini figure
From Kickstarter the stretch goals.

Here’s the Fossil Triceratops suit from the first Dino Dudes.

Avast it be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day! So here’s some special Piratical sentiments.

Hawkeye Trailer!

Looks like a new Christmas Story.

Marvel’s announcement.

Dino Dudes 2 Kickstarter is live

Crazy Bricks has launched Dino Dudes 2 on Kickstarter. Thanks to Brick Nerd if you support in the first 48 hours you get a free baby Nessie.It began yesterday and they hit goal within an hour. They have already unlocked some stretch goal including the Brontosaurus.
check it out on Kickstarter they even have a promo video. The first series of Dino Dudes was awesome I’m looking forward to this new set.

lego skeleton triceratops mini figure

Here’s the Fossil Triceratops suit from the first Dino Dudes.

Bro Thor’s New Asgard

Here is the Bro Thor’s New Asgard set (#76200) 265 pieces $29.99. Lots of small pieces for Thor’s home decor. I added some custom bricks to update the room. The set has many of the bricks that look like layered bricks( 1 x 2 with Masonry Profile). The masonry bricks are some of my favorite pieces. I’m glad there’s’ two colors in this set. Plus some of the Modified 1 x 2 x 1 2/3 with Studs on Side pieces used in Brick Headz. I like this set and will continue to modify it and use it as a setting in photos. Includes Thor, Korg and brick built Miek

I added a few things from my collection Can you spot them? List below this picture.

Click for list

Today, LEGO Masters event on Facebook.

August 28 2pm EDT/ 11 PDT
Live build-along hosted by LEGO Masters judges Amy & Jamie! See a tour of the LEGO headquarters & lots more fun. See it on Facebook.

EDIT: Event has ended. It was Amy and Jamie talking about their favorite sets and what sets they helped design. They did a blindfold build and gave out some building tips.

Captain America Update.

I have two more pieces of the Captain America Flight suit. The left wing is complete. Thanks to ebay. Beat a sniper for it. I had a pretty one price listed then checked near the end of the auction. The last minumt I decided to raise my highest bid. With less than ten seconds to go a sniper started bidding. They were just above my previous max bid. If I hadn’t raised my bid 30 seconds earlier they would have snatched wings.

I now have the stand with Redwing, all three section of the left side and part of the right.

Coming Soon Dino Dudes 2

Crazy Bricks will launch Dino Dudes 2 on Kickstarter on August 31. First day supporters get a free baby Nessie
check it out on Kickstarter they even have a promo video. The first series of Dino Dudes was awesome I’m looking forward to this new set.

lego skeleton triceratops mini figure

Here’s the Fossil Triceratops suit from the first Dino Dudes.

LEGO Marvel Studio Blind Bags coming

Marvel is finally getting blind bag mini figures. The new set is scheduled to be released September 1st. It features characters from the Marvel Studios Disney+ shows. There are charcters from WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Solider, Loki, and What If.
12 figures to collect and I’m going hunt for them all.

Are you going to get these? do you have a favorite?

Black Widow

Black Widow is finally here. Watch or else.

Black widow action figure. Her fist is in focus in the foreground. The rest of her is blurry. It looks like she is punching the viewer.

If you like this please support us.

It takes a lot of work and time to create this art. Please consider supporting us. Help keep us and our action figures caffeinated. * Venmo

What if? trailer.

New Marvel trailer for What if? What If? was a great comic with some cool alternatives takes on Marvel characters so tis should be a good series.

Happy Father’s Day 2021

MY Singing Monsters Board game Kickstarter

LEGO Con 2021

The first LEGO Con will take place online on June 26. Join LEGO for a free streaming convention.

Live from the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark a 90 minute streaming special.

5PM London

12PM New York Eastern

11AM Central Nashville

10 AM Mountain

9AM Los Angeles Pacific

Also in the US LEGO Masters season 2 tonight on Fox.

May the 4th events

It’s almost May the 4th, that means time to celebrate Star Wars. Time to rewatch or reread your favorite part of the saga. Or add something to your collection. Many places will have Star Wars sales some have already started.

LEGO Star Wars has started their May The 4th event. If you spend more that $85 on Star Wars Themed LEGO sets, you get a free Lars Homestead mini-build. They also have a in-store only gift, spend $40 or more on Star Wars products at the LEGO store and get a imperial shuttle set.

They have a new R2-D2 set plus new helmet collection featuring Darth Vader and a Scout Trooper. Read more at brick blogger


Comixology is running a sale on star wars comic books, Get the digital version of many Star Wars Comics. Save up to 95% on some title. I got the Thrawn Trilogy usually $24.99 for $0.99. That’s an 18 comic book collection. That was the best deal I found, they have Star Wars omnibus set for $0.99 or $1.99.
sale end May 6th.

New Books

The new Thrawn Novel was released a few days ago. Get it at or your local bookseller.

New Show

One of the big things for May the 4th is new content. The debut episode of the Bad Batch airs on Disney+ on the fourth then new episodes every Friday. I’m catching up on the Clone Wars before the new series starts.

Droid Stamps

The Us Post office is releasing a new set of stamps featuring 10 droids. You can get a sheet of stamps or first day cover envelopes. First day covers are collectible envelopes with stamps that are post marked on the day of release. The droids stamps will be dated May 4 2021.

What are you doing for May the Fourth?

April 25 Mark your calendars.



funko pop bambshell. catwoman


Looney Tunes figures are coming!

LEGO mini figs of WN looney Tunes characters.

The winner is …

Well my other favorite character won the LEGO minifigure Madness.

For a few year Star Wars site ran similar bracket challenges. Darth Vader was always in the finals. It was always him verses a Jedi for the title.

Light side vs Dark side LEGO Minifigure Finale

Two of my favorite characters against each other for the title.

The Mandalorian cover