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New Year! 2020!

Happy New year! This cold still has me sideways. I just want to sleep all day.

gronk droid laying on its side.

Picard sings let it snow.

Into the Spiderverse 2

spider-ham standing on the celing

New Trailer! The Rise of Skywalker

LEGO Build Challenge

Me and my son are part of a LEGO group on facebook they are doing a build a day Challenge. Every day they post a new subject and we build a micro build MOC.

  1. All pieces 4 studs or smaller
  2. Can use a plate to stabilize build
  3. No instructions or kits
  4. Post before Deadline

Here’s what we did for the Pumpkin Patch challenge.


October 1 means costume time.

LEGO mini-fig in a watermelon slice costume.

Renaissance Festival Time

The Tennessee Renaissance Festival is this weekend. Come and see us. We will have prints at The A Temptation of Faeries booth.

LEGO shakespear

8 years

8 years ago tonight, I started this blog. I had planned to make some new images for the occasions but a head cold put a stop to that. Here are a couple of the earliest photos I posted.

large Yoda figure

Yoda on a mushroom.
Yoda gets a 1up.


A Secret mission!

BB-8 meets Cyborg of the JLA, Cyborg wants to know about and join bb-8 on his secret mission.

Spider-Weekend Spider-Weekend Part 6

Spider-man into the Spider-Verse comes out this weekend. Here’s a new image. This from the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Mystery mini series.  Miles unmasked is a Wal-greens exclusive.


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