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Green Kids Crafts

Do you want to keep the kids entertained while learning? Green Kids Crafts is a subscription box service that gets kids interested in science. Each month box has 4-8 STEM focused projects,

chlld's SEM subscription box.

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Stay away!

Unexpected guest are showing up. No GO AWAY. That not following social distancing.

Frodo at Neg end. Minions from despicable me are at the door.. Frodo says this is not social distancing.


How is safer at home affecting you?

If you are at home, what are doing to pass the time? Are you building with LEGO?


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Where would you stay?

We’re under a safer at home order. I need to make some more art to keep my sanity. Which hermit home location would you like to see here?

LEGO Bagend or Yoda’s Hut?


lego yoda and bilbo baggins at bad end, 79003 An Unexpected Gathering

Batman reads

Don’t forget Valentines Day Tomorrow!


Yoda wishes you a happy Valentines day.


New Year! 2020!

Happy New year! This cold still has me sideways. I just want to sleep all day.

gronk droid laying on its side.

Picard sings let it snow.

Into the Spiderverse 2

spider-ham standing on the celing

New Trailer! The Rise of Skywalker

LEGO Build Challenge

Me and my son are part of a LEGO group on facebook they are doing a build a day Challenge. Every day they post a new subject and we build a micro build MOC.

  1. All pieces 4 studs or smaller
  2. Can use a plate to stabilize build
  3. No instructions or kits
  4. Post before Deadline

Here’s what we did for the Pumpkin Patch challenge.