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Space Hero

legp retro space hero lands on alien planet


Our hero explores an alien landscape. This is one of my favorites of the series. The colors are great. The gun and helmet are awesome.

Wonder Woman!

Petunia Pig as Wonder Woman from some kids meal.

We are Groot!

I won a Groot! Funko ran a twitter giveaway called PSH Happy Hour. They asked for pictures of a GOTG pint size heroes to win a Pint Size Hero Prototype.

I submitted my pic of tiny Groot. I was one of five winners that day. Funko runs PSH Happy Hour contest on twitter. They ask for pics let fans submit for an hour and then give away some cool prizes. I usually see the hashtag on Wednesdays but this one was the opening day of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2.

I’ve been trying to enter the contest for a while but always missed it. In fact just the week before I had been shooting and was uploading my images when I saw the #PSHHappyHour. I ran outside and took a few pics of Groot in the garden. But by the time I could upload that day’s contest had ended. But my timing just right this time.

And here is Groot and Prototype Groot!

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Video Build a LEGO Fidget by Frugal4boys

What’s popular now? Fidgets. If you can’t find one build one. has instructions on how to build a fidget spinner with LEGO bricks you already have. Below is a video of the device in action.

Visit for a parts list and step by step instructions.

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