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Vintage inspirted 92 card back shirt at Tee fury

Tee Fury has two Star Wars shirts today.

No One’s Slave features a pin-up version of Princess Leia in the metal bikini, a beautiful drawing of Leia. But the one fans of this blog may find interesting is 92 Card Back which is inspired by the vintage Kenner line.  It is designed after the figure card backs which showed all the figures in the toy line.

leia as a pin up


vintage star wars card backs

A close up of the figures. You can see more at Tee-fury.


Tee-fury now has shoes and geeky “ugly sweater” sweatshirts. Scroll down their site to see.


Robot Tober Day Twenty-three

Today toy is the Kreon version of Sunstorm. He’s from the preview KRE-O Micro changers series. The Micro changers let you build either the robot or vehicle version of the characters.


Robot Tober Day Fourteen

Today’s Robot Is Bumble Bee.

bumble bee autobot toy

Robot Tober Day Thriteen

Yesterday’s Robot was  Generation 1 Huffer. Today toy is the Kreon version of Huffer. He’s from the series three KRE-O Micro changers. The Micro changers let you build either the robot or vehicle version of the characters. I like the grimace on his face. The torso paint is better than the Prowl Kreon.  When the Micro changers were released I said I liked the parts but wanted more painting details. Huffer has more details and I still love the helmets.


Both Figures together for comparison , 1984 and 2013 versions of Huffer.


Robot Tober Day Twelve

Today’s Robot Tober item is a Generation 1 Huffer. I never got a big Optimus Prime Semi truck when I was young. The character was not as cool as many but he was a big rig. And that was cool. He was mini-bot scale, which means even though he was a big rig he was smaller than the cars that were made on a larger scale.

transformers generation one