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Mindstorms robot plays Clash of the Clans.

Article on the robot and how it plays the game on an iPad.

it’s set up to make a pass across the screen every 20 minutes with its stylus and tap on the mines to collect gold. In between the collection runs, the robot taps on the screen to keep the game awake so the mines don’t get full and the player makes more money.

Create your own Sig Fig from LEGO the movie

There’s been a lot of The LEGO movie news this week. A full trailer, a list of the series 12 mini figs and two sets from the movie.

You can now make your own sig fig with an app on the LEGO the movie page. You can choose facial expression, shirt, pants and accessories. Plus you can change the color on clothes and hair. No full beard option so I had to go with the stubble look.
Once you make you fig you can save it with a code to be used in future games. Right now you can make an avatar, a wall paper, a mini LEGO the movie poster and facebook cover photo.

Build your own at Sigfig generator.


Harry Potter app sale

iTunes is having a sale on the LEGO Harry Potter app games. For a limited time the LEGO Harry Potter games are $0.99 each so grab both Years 1-4 and years 5-7. They are regularly priced at $4.99 each.