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Fair warning!

Fair warning it’s April Fool’s day.

Trickster was a free with purchase of LEGO superheroes Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom (2015) blu-ray.


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Look, April Fools

LEGO Deadpool, harley quinn, and the riddler celebrate april fools day

Everybody thinks they are these pranksters today but they aren’t this cool.

Rules for today #1 Don’t be a jerk. #2 Trust no one.

Guess what day it is!

april fools in LEGO


It’s hip to be square at the University of Rochester

University of Rochester bricks out it’s page for April fools.  The School in Rochester, New York website  has been filled with minifigs and a MOC of Rush Rhees Library on Rochester’s River Campus. There are minifigs on most page and bricks used as the background images. Check it out.


Fantastic build and some great humor on the site.



New comic

april fools in LEGO

You know I had to do it.