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Aria of Canaries

Fuko pop black canary, canary bombshell and lego canary


Black Canary

DC black Canary custom  mini fig

This is a custom Black Canary, she’s been on the site before in Now you’ll be known as Blackeye! and More Horsepower.

More Horsepower

my little pony, zatanna
I was challenged to do a My Little Pony comic.

Now you’ll be known as Blackeye!

lego black canary give black eye to lego hawkeye

This strip features two new characters to the site, a custom Black Canary mini-fig and Hawkeye that I bought from Milton train works at MCFC. He’s the figure I alluded to in my Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention post. but I swapped the head for this joke.

I’m still playing with a caption for this one. I don’t know if I need one.

any suggestions?