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Cryptkins Vinyl Blind Box Unboxing.

 Cryptozoic has a new line of collectable toys called Cryptkins. The 2.5 inch Vinyl blind box series features beasts of legend. Cryptkins are cute versions of mythical creatures like Bigfoot, Chupacabra, and Nessie.  To celebrate the new series Cryptozoic ran an online contest and I was lucky enough to be one of the random winners. 


They do exist! The subject of folklore and tabloid headlines for decades, Cryptkins have been discovered and the world will never be the same!


I got a blind box and some coins for the Quidd App. Each blind box contains a Cryptkin and bio card with habitat information. There are 10 characters and 2 rare versions plus an ultra rare figure for a total of 13.  I cannot find how common or rare each one is.

Cryptkins crate tpy packaging looks like a wooded crate with air holes

The packaging resembles a wooden crate with air holes. The sides are stamped “Caution live shipment” and the back has a checklist with the rare versions blacked out.

 And I got one of the rare Cryptkins ..Phoenix!

Figure, trading card, with business card and a winners note.


The Cryptkins are 2.5″ or slightly larger than a mini-figure.

Cryptkin Phoenix next to Phoenix Tribe LEGO mini figure for sale.

Cryptkins have a release date of  March 15 and a suggested retail of $5.99. Cryptozoic also makes the DC Lil’Bombshell figures and various DC trading cards and Deck building games.

Quidd is an App, where you can collect digital figures, trading cards, and stickers.

And now the Phoenix in the wild!

Your Thoughts?

Will you be hunting for these?




Easter Minion Mega Blok Blind Bag minifigs

Easter Minions are out. I found these at Kroger. They are part of the Despicable Me Mega Construx series.  There are only three mini figs in this series,Kevin, Bob, and an evil minion.


Really the only thing new on these are the accessories. Kevin has an Easter Egg bowl, which doubles as a hat. he also has a spring of hair. Bob has basket and an egg or maybe a cupcake. The purple minion has a mini purple bunny. The limited parts make it easy to feel the bag and get all three figures without getting duplicates. They have a thin light blue 2×4 base.

“What’s in the Bag Tip?”:

Kevin and the evil minion both have long torsos. Bob is not that much shorter than them so feel for the accessories. The bowl is fairly distinctive. It’s round and hollow. The purple minion can be found by its hair. You can feel something soft and not flat like the checklist. For Bob feel for the basket. It is narrow unlike the bowl.

Minion Fan?

So will you add these to your collection?

DC Lil’ Bombshell Mini Figures

posion_ivy_closeupDC has a cool series called Bombshells featuring alternate versions of many of their leading female characters. It started as some pin style illustrations of the characters. The art was a fan favorite. And soon fans were making some amazing costumes of these Characters.

There has also been some extremely expensive statues of the Bombshells. I don’t have the room or money for those but now thanks to Cryptozoic there are affordable versions. Lil’ Bombshells are 2.75″ collectible figures. They are sold in a blind bag format, which means you don’t know who you get.  The container is a metal tin with vintage inspired art work. It is on of the best packaging, I’ve seen for a minifigure.


Poison Ivy and Tin.

A drawback is price, the lowest I’ve seen them is $10.00. I seen more than that online. That’s a lot for a blind bag format. Which is another drawback, you don’t know who you will get.  Since you might only want a couple, or even if you want them all that will add up. All the figures look great but I only want a couple of them. I was lucky and got Poison Ivy in my tin.

DC comic’s Bombshells. made by cryptozoic.

The series has ten regular figures and two chase figures. Characters include Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Mera, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Katana, Hawkgirl, Flash, and Batwoman. I have not seen any list showing the distribution of the main figures. I don’t know if there’s an even chance of each or if there tired distribution with commons, uncommon, and rare.  You have 1:72 odds to find a chase figure.  The chase figure are Art-Deco versions of Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn figures.

bombshell posion Ivy figure

Shown with LEGO Harley Quinn for scale.

Your Thoughts.

Will you collect these? Who is your favorite? Do you read Bombshells?

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Valentines Minion Mega Blok minifigs

Hey I found some thing cool at Target valentines Minions. These are part of the Despicable Me Mega Blok  series.

minion mega bloks valentines sets i'm with cupid

There are only two in this series Kevin and Bob. Really the only thing on these are the accessories. Kevin has an “I’m with Cupid” sign and Bob has wings, bow and arrow. The limited parts make it easy to feel the bag and get both figures with getting duplicates. Both come with a red 2×4 brick.

“What’s in the Bag Tip?”:

Feel for the accessories. The sign is a square all sides the same length, and it is thin. If you find a square it’s Kevin no square it’s Bob. The wings are squishy in the bag and the arrow is just a stick. You might try feeling for the body size of the minions but may confuse the brick for Kevin long torso.

Minion Fan?

So will you add these to your collection? Give as a gift tomorrow? Yep last-minute cause I found them at the last-minute.

Monarch Minion Monday!

King Bob Meets King LEGO

Another Minions Surprise Minion minifig.



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Minions Movie Surprise Figures!

There are more minion surprise figures! I found blind bags at Target. They scanned for $2.39. I don’t know if that’s normal retail or not. I guess they will be $2.99 since $2.39 is an odd place.

They are Minion Movie figures. They are packed like previous Minions surprise packs with and card that covers the figures so you can’t determine which figure is inside. Some of the figures have odd shape costume so that may help find a few of them but overall it looks like random luck.

The Minions come with a white base. Since the movie is their search for a leader, they didn’t include the blue base with Gru’s logo.


There are some in a Toys R Us boxed set but this is just a few from the collection.


There will be three packs sets. With movie backgrounds some of these are in the blinds bags but not all. It looks like the sets have at least one of the blind figs.




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Review: Minion Mega Blok figures and sets

I have built my first Minion constructible toy set. The Jelly Lab set has 86 pieces and retails for $9.99. It includes one mini minion.  The set is colorful with several semi-transparent pieces. The theme is a minion jelly factory, there tubes and hoses and a conveyor belt. Some of the parts do not snap into place and grip


The Jelly Lab set with a blind box MinionMega bloks despicable me jelly lab set

The figures look great. They are molded in color with just a little bit of paint for the hair. The goggles, overalls and banana are soft plastic. The goggles really give it personality when they are snapped on to the figure. The legs are hard to snap into place. The arms are a little easier but you have to force them into place.  Mega Bloks says you can mix and match arms and feet but I don’t see that happening much if it’s this hard to snap them into place.megablok_minion


Here is a comaparison of he Mega Blok Minion and the Thinkway toys surprise Minions. I think the MB version have a more accurate color. Plus they can stand unaided.  The eyes are more detailed mega_blok_minion_compare





The Mythical Unicorn

LEGO Deadpool in a unicorn costume

Since the Unicorn Girl minifig was announced, I wanted to do some kind Despicable Me “It’s so Fluffy” joke. Deadpool likes my little pony, so surely he likes fluffy unicorns.

Minion Mega Blok figures and sets

Sometimes when running a blog you learn about stuff via your readers. That what has happened in this case. Last month “Mega block minions  blind bags” appeared as a search term in my stats. That’s pretty specific and different from the Thinkway toys blind bags. I ran a search and found out that Mega bloks does have megabloks minion minifigures. I saw one big set a few days later, but no more till this week. I have found the playsets at Target and Toys R Us.  Today I finally found the minifigs.

They are called buildable Minion blind packs.They are in blind boxes not bags. There are six figures in series one. The instruction sheet says there are common, rare and ultra rare figures. It’s doesn’t give you odds on find any figure. But there is a number stamped into the bottom of the box. Mine had A22094ES on the box and the figures was a Minion with a banana. That checks out with a list of code posted at Dollastic . The figures have a suggested retail of $2.99 but are $3.99 at Toy R Us. The MSRP on the sets range from $5.99 -$19.99. There are seven sets to collect. You can see them all here,


I got a figure and a set. I’ll do a full review in a few days. Short review for now The figure I got looks great. It’s molded in color with just a little bit of paint for the hair. The goggles, overalls and banana are soft plastic. The goggles really give it personality when they are snapped on to the figure. The legs and arms are hard to snap into place. You have to have them lined up just right. The say you can mix and match arms and feet but I don’t see that happening much if it’s this hard to snap them into place.


Mega Blok’s Description of the toys.

Everyone’s favorite Minions are about to unleash some major chaos with the Mega Bloks Despicable Me™ Buildable Minion Blind Packs Series I packs. Build your own loyal following and collect six popular Minion characters. They come in a blind pack, so you never know which one you will get. You can customize your Minions and mix and match overalls, goggles, accessories, even arms and feet. Collect them all to build your own mischief!



  • One mystery buildable Minion that you can customize with interchangeable accessories
  • Combine with other Mega Bloks Despicable Me™ playsets to build your own Minion mischief


Buildable Minion Blind Packs Series I Codes

  • A25094ES – Tall Minion with an ice cream cone
  • A22094ES – Minion with a Banana
  • A21094ES – Purple Minion Long Haired
  • A19094ES – Minion with a Camera
  • A20094ES – Minion with flask
  • A24094ES – Minion disguised as a Purple Minion

via Dollastic

Robot Tober 2014 Day Eight




Today we have Megatron leader of the Decpticons. This Kreon was part of an KRE-O Ultimate Kreon Collection ( A46417 ) of Generation one minifigures.


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