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Blogging 201, Day Twelve: Give ‘Em What They Want, Part Two

Blogging 201, Day Twelve: Give ‘Em What They Want, Part Two

Blogging 201, Day Twelve: Give ‘Em What They Want, Part Two.

Today’s assignment is to create a poll or survey for you blog. I’ve used polldaddy for polls before but not surveys. I’ll see if I can get one posted tonight. Sound like a good way to get more feed back from my followers.

In Blogging 201 related news our day one assignment was to set some goals for our blogging. One of mine was to for each month of this year beat last years traffic numbers. Today I made that goal for April. Four months in a row I’ve surpassed last years traffic numbers. That’s because of all of you so thank you all for visiting.


Blogging 201 days four-six

Day Four: Get Read All Over
The goal was to make the blog mobile friendly. I’ve already used Appearance > Mobile > “Enable mobile theme”. The preview really doesn’t help it just shows a small window for the phone preview. I have scroll around to see the page. It should have readjusted to fit the screen. And possibly changed to the Minileven theme with a white background. It looks fine on my tablet.
If you are viewing on a smart phone how does the site look?

Day Five: Give them what they want.
Conduct a short and simple stats analysis that will help you create an editorial calendar for the next 30 days. I responded to this in the main thread. After reviewing my stats I finally have chosen my regular features. Now I need to create them. Long work week plus finally decent weather has kept me from making new pictures. We will have a garden this year.

Day Six: Drive Traffic to my Archives
I keep a list of my most popular posts on my about page . I have a similar list on my sidebar that also includes a few of my personal favorites. Today I updated both. There has been a slight change since the start of the year.
I use the top post widget to show off my most liked posts. I make use of the related posts feature as well.

Despicable Me minions

Blogging 201

I signed up for wordpress Blogging 201 challenge. It just happened to start on one of my busiest work weeks. So I’m behind.

Day One: set three goals.

I don’t remember if I’ve posted these before but here are my 2014 blog goals and where I am in them.

  1. Each month beat 2013 traffic for the same month.
    For the first three months of the year I have made that goal. I’m trending to make that goal for April as well. I more than doubled my visits for Feb 2014 verses Feb 2013. But last year February was one of my slowest months.
  2. Increase my community by increasing followers and feedback.
    I have gained followers here, on twitter, and tumblr. But I’ve not gotten as much feedback as I had hoped.
  3. Develop a regular feature. I had considered new comic Wednesday, with a new hero theme comic on the day comic books are released or a Mythic Monday feature focusing on Mythic creatures.
    I have still not managed to do this. I am  going to get this done this spring.
  4. Learn more web developement skills.
    I am taking some coding courses now. I have yet to use the new knowledge here but I will soon.


Day Two: Audit my Brand.

Short answer to this I need to streamlined my blog’s look. I want the main blog’s  color scheme and feel to be shared with my social media sites as well. That’s part of the reason I’m taking the coding courses mention above.

Day Three: You got the look.

Test out themes and looks. I’ve tried different themes before. My conclusion was I was happy with my current one. But now that I know more CSS, I will attempt changes.  But I’ve got to get some rest first.



One Word Photo Challenge: Red

I’ve joined Jennifer Nichole Wells’s One Word Photo Challenge. It’s a new Photo challenge based on a new word each Tuesday. She has listed her weekly word until June. The first leg of the challenge is based on color and this week’s color is Red.

“What Can I photograph for Red? Have any red flowers sprouted yet? No. Is it decent weather today? Better than yesterday, but still no red flowers here. There’s a few purple flowers poking up out of all the brownness in the yard. but purple was last week. Plus it’s still a little cold outside.  What’s inside I can shoot? Candy Hearts! Anything special I can do with them?

LEGO Deadpool makes everything special!

LEGO Deadpool in red hots

Shot in the studio with 1/2 off valentines candy in a Christmas candy jar. Why were red hots so hard to find this year? I couldn’t find Ferrara or Brach hearts anywhere. Valentine Cinnamon Imperials where are you?

one word photo challengeMore Red entries here.

One Word Photo Challenge: Neon

I’ve joined Jennifer Nichole Wells’s One Word Photo Challenge. It’s a new Photo challenge based on a new word each Tuesday. February 4 is the launch date. She has listed her weekly word until June. The first leg of the challenge is based on color and this week’s color is Neon.

I was sick last week and was unable to make new photos. These images are from my 365 project a few years ago. The first is our local theater.


This is a sign for Grasshopper mowers. I shot this at home and garden event.


one word photo challenge

Zero to Hero Challenge Day 29

Today’s assignment: Think through your idea editorial calendar. Bonus: develop a regular feature for your blog.

The challenge for day 29 is explore my editorial calendar. I have followed a blogging calendar in the past. I ran a 365 project a few years back.  It was the inspiration for this macro photography project. For the past three Decembers  have blogged the LEGO  Star Wars Advent calendar This part October I created Robtotober, a robot a day, to keep me publishing regularly.

Grimlock of the dinobots meets a mouser

When I started Yoda Archives I  planned to post regularly. I wanted to post new images every Tuesday and Thursday.  It didn’t always work. Sometimes I made others I didn’t and eventually I dropped the planned schedule. I’ve been thinking of developing a weekly subject but didn’t want the blog to be too focused  on one character unless it was Yoda. I see the need for a regular feature but I’m not sure.

Some ideas I’m tossing around. Thorsday featuring Thor,  Spidey-Friday, Super Hero Saturday (less traffic on weeknends), New comic Wednesday a new comic book character post on Wednesday since that’s when new comic book hit the stores. Mythic Monday feature a mythic creature every monday. this one expand on Medusa monday i tried in the summer.

Any suggestions? Do you do a regular feature?


Zero to Hero Challenge Day 28

Today’s assignment: Find the post that has received the most views, likes, or comments, and write a related follow-up post.

The challenge for day 28 is to build on a previous post. I checked my stats the post with the most views was the Day 3 post on what was on my mind when I began this blog. That post was made three weeks ago so I had more time to build up views. The day 2o post on creating a new page was not far behind it in views. But the post with the most feedback was just posted a few days ago.

The day 22 was to join a blogging event. I was behind and did not get the post up until after midnight on Monday morning. It is now 10:30 Wednesday night and that post has more like than any other from the challenge. So that’s what I’ll build on for tonight.

Recapping  the post.

I choose to join a photo challenge event. I joined the  “A word a week Photography challenge.” The host picks a random word and you create something based on that word.

Last week’s word was Yellow. I photograph toys, so I picked some of my Yellow skinned mini-figs.



After reviewing the images I picked this one because it  looks like Bumblebee punched Wolverine and jungle boy.


Expanding on the post.

I really liked joining the word a week photo challenge. It has made me eager to try more challenges.  I want to try to shoot something for this week’s challenge as well. Still thinking on it. I have also found another weekly photo challenge that starts soon. I will shoot something for that and post it when the challenge begins.

Now I just need to make the time. My son got send home from daycare Tuesday. He had a cough and we already had an appointment for that afternoon. But the day care said he was too sick to be there so he came home. Turns out he has pneumonia. So he stayed home today but never napped. That’s why I’m writing this post so late. He’ll also be home tomorrow. If he naps I’ll shoot something for one of the challenges.

Bonus Picture

Here’s another image for Yellow challenge. I didn’t post it the other day due  to time constraints.  Here is jungle boy from LEGO minifigures series 7.

series 7 jungle boy

Zero to Hero Challenge Day so behind

Today’s assignment: Find a blogging event (try our Blog Event Listings) and throw your hat into the ring.

Days 22 challenge was to join a blogging event. I choose to join a photo challenge event. Weather in the teens and fighting off a cold kept inside. I joined the  “A word a week Photography challenge.” The host picks a random word and you create something based on that word.

Once a week I will dip into my old English Oxford dictionary and pick a word on the page it falls open at.  The challenge is to post a photograph, poem, story – whatever the genre.


Last week’s word was Yellow. I photograph toys so I picked some of my Yellow skinned mini-figs.

The Minions are super popular and yellow. Here they stood still just long enough for me to snap a pic. They didn’t touch or break anything while I was looking.


I posed a group photo crossing few themes, Superheroes, Lego mini figures, minions and Transformers.  I clicked the shutter a couples times.  They figures fell down. I reset them and continued to shoot. After reviewing the images I picked this one because it  looks like Bumblebee punched Wolverine and jungle boy.


Zero to Hero Challenge Day 20 Add a New Page

Today’s assignment: add a new page to your blog.

Today’s challenge is add a new page to my blog. I already have an About me page, that was updated back on day eight of zero to hero. I also have a contact page so you can send me a message. Plus a conventions page which list what shows I attend and will be attending. I still need to enter 2014 shows just waiting to confirm them.  My Other sites page is a list of other web sites and blogs I run. Besides the toy photography I also photograph faeries and Superheroes. you can find link to fantasy art work on my other sites page. What’s in the bag is a list of resources and tips to help you determine what figures are in those blind bags pouches.

Legend of Zelda

With all those pages, what could I add. Back on day 13 we were assigned to build a better blog roll. While working on that I decided I had too many links on my Blog roll. It was more a list of web sites that were toy, LEGO,  or Star Wars themed. I decided I need to shorten the blog roll and make a links page. My new page is Favorite sites. Now that the links are on a page I can trim down the blog roll to fellow bloggers. I hope this helps build on the community here

You can find links to all my pages in the navigation bar at the top of each blog page.

Zero to Hero Challenge Day 18 social networks

Today’s assignment: Explore one or more social networks, and start an account so you can being exploring the possibilities. If you’re already active on a social network, set up Publicize and link the account to your blog, and/or create a strategy for how you’ll use it.

Today’s challenge is to explore and add a social network. Or connect to them using Publicize. Well I’m already on most of the social networks and have them connected via Publicize. I’ve even have a gentlemint, which is similar to Pinterest. I’ve had users pin my work on Pinterest. But I’ve not really gotten into it yet. Even though Facebook is the big social network, I get the smallest feedback from it. Tumblr seems to drive more people to my projects.

Who uses Pinterest? how’s the community there?

Yoda and Elkhorn the dwarf

Here are my current social sites.


Zero to Hero Challenge Day 13

Day 13: Build a (Better) Blogroll

By now, you’ve made some community connections and have at least a few favorite reads — after all, you’ve been following new topics and blogs and commenting, and are on the receiving end of comments and follows yourself. Today, you’ll continue weaving the fabric of the blogosphere, using one of its essential tools: link love.

Today’s Assignment: Create, edit, or expand your blogroll.

I’ve revised my blogroll. It was a long list of blogs and wend sites. I’ve reduced the list down bit also added some blogs That I follow in the reader but have never listed in the blogroll. Check out the action figure theater lists for more toy photography.
I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!

Zero to Hero Challenge Day 8

Today’s assignment: create an About page, or revisit and improve the one you have.

Today challenge is to make the about page more personal and informative.  I’ve updated my about many times since the blog was born. The last time I used advice I from Michael Hyatt’s book, Platform.  He suggested adding links your most popular posts on the about page to let readers see a glimpse into the blog.

For this assignment, I updated the most popular and most liked posts. I also added a few pictures and updated some text from my reintro post from day 1. Is there anything else I should add? what would you like to know?
you can see my about page here. Or click the link on the navigation bar at the top of each page.

Zero to Hero Challenge Day 6

Today’s Assignment: publish a post that includes a new-to-you element.

Today challenge is to add a new element to the blog. Basicially to expand my range of tools I can add to a post. This is a photoblog so adding an image is nothing new. I’ve posted several videos to the blog as well.

One thing I’ve never done is post a tweet to Yoda Archives. I use twitter. My post are published to twitter. But I’ve never took a tweet and posted it to the blog. I never knew how till I read the WordPress tutorial on twitter embeds.

Here are a few tweets from people I follow.

Another LEGO Photographer

A writer and a Kickstarter project.

And A tweet about a Agents of Shield live tweet event tonight.

Adding Tweets is a pretty easy process. I will incorporate my  tweets in to this  blog. This tweet was automatically generated by Publicize from my end of the year post.


Traffic update

It’s been a busy day on the site I got a note from WordPress. I had a big surge in traffic after I posted today’s Advent build.

Your blog, Yoda Archives, Macro adventures of a Jedi Master, appears to be getting more traffic than usual!

50 hourly views!

50 hourly views might not mean much to many sites but it’s great for my fun pastime. I’m nearing my record for most views in a single day. With only  2 hours left in the day I doubt I’ll break the record but at least I’m close to it.

The other big traffic news is that the blog passed 25,000 all time views today!


Thanks for all the support you have given. I love to hear from you. I’ll continue to blog the advent calendar till Christmas Eve. Then some bonus post afterwards.

Six years

I got this surprise today. Six years ago I registered on WordPress. It wasn’t for this blog, Yoda archives is under 3 years right now. I registered to be a contributor on a festival blog. The blog was an extension to board that I’m a moderator on. Turned out we didn’t use the blog much. But when I wanted to blog on my own I remembered wordpress.


You registered on 6 years ago!

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

Get the Most Out of Widgets: Building and Showcasing Your Community

Get the Most Out of Widgets: Building and Showcasing Your Community.

Last month, we highlighted some widgets and hope you’ve since activated them! Today, let’s continue our widgets tour and focus on several that put the spotlight on the readership you’ve built. Your site isn’t just about you or your organization — it’s very much enriched by the community around you