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December 5 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar

D’oh I forgot to post yesterday’s build and it is a cool one, IG-88 the Bounty Hunter from The Empire Strikes Back.  He was in the advent a few year ago plus I got a one in the Bounty Hunter Speeder pack #75167. Plus I have one from a when I got some bulks bricks. So Now I have a pack of them, There was a short story about IG-88 in Tales from The Bounty Hunters, where there were four assassin droids. I have a set.




LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2015 December 13

Today’s we have the Bounty Hunter, IG-88. Much cooler than the Battle Droids from previous years. It’s a cooler character. As for the parts the difference between IG-88 and the battle droids is the overall color and a different head. I wish the arms turned at the elbow so it could hold its guns.


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