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Zulily Brick Warriors and Brick Books Sale

Zulily is having a Brick Master Event. No official LEGO products but they have a bunch of different unofficial LEGO books like the Brick Bible, Brick Shakespeare, Badass Bricks and Brick Films. Many of the books are by Sarah Herman and published by Skyhorse Publishing. Look for the Inspire the Brick master section.


Zulily also has Brick Warriors accessory packs. Prices range from $11.99 to 15.99 verses retail of $22 – $27.These are made of ABS plastic and fig with LEGO mini-figs. I have a collection of Brick Warrior accessories and they are well made and look great.

brick warriors accessory packs
Hunter & Hunted Accessory Set.

Knights & Knuckleheads Accessory Set.

Wizards & Warriors Accessory Set.

Other than the Brick Warriors stuff, the only toys are Cobi, huge Massbricks, and more clone brands.
sales ends 4/8.

Disclaimers: You have to create a Zulily to see the price and order. I get some store credit if you use the link and place an order.
I am also a Brick Warriors affiliate when you but direct from them via my site links I earn credit there. But not for this Zulily sale.


Review: Minion Mega Blok figures and sets

I have built my first Minion constructible toy set. The Jelly Lab set has 86 pieces and retails for $9.99. It includes one mini minion.  The set is colorful with several semi-transparent pieces. The theme is a minion jelly factory, there tubes and hoses and a conveyor belt. Some of the parts do not snap into place and grip


The Jelly Lab set with a blind box MinionMega bloks despicable me jelly lab set

The figures look great. They are molded in color with just a little bit of paint for the hair. The goggles, overalls and banana are soft plastic. The goggles really give it personality when they are snapped on to the figure. The legs are hard to snap into place. The arms are a little easier but you have to force them into place.  Mega Bloks says you can mix and match arms and feet but I don’t see that happening much if it’s this hard to snap them into place.megablok_minion


Here is a comaparison of he Mega Blok Minion and the Thinkway toys surprise Minions. I think the MB version have a more accurate color. Plus they can stand unaided.  The eyes are more detailed mega_blok_minion_compare





Minion Mega Blok figures and sets

Sometimes when running a blog you learn about stuff via your readers. That what has happened in this case. Last month “Mega block minions  blind bags” appeared as a search term in my stats. That’s pretty specific and different from the Thinkway toys blind bags. I ran a search and found out that Mega bloks does have megabloks minion minifigures. I saw one big set a few days later, but no more till this week. I have found the playsets at Target and Toys R Us.  Today I finally found the minifigs.

They are called buildable Minion blind packs.They are in blind boxes not bags. There are six figures in series one. The instruction sheet says there are common, rare and ultra rare figures. It’s doesn’t give you odds on find any figure. But there is a number stamped into the bottom of the box. Mine had A22094ES on the box and the figures was a Minion with a banana. That checks out with a list of code posted at Dollastic . The figures have a suggested retail of $2.99 but are $3.99 at Toy R Us. The MSRP on the sets range from $5.99 -$19.99. There are seven sets to collect. You can see them all here,


I got a figure and a set. I’ll do a full review in a few days. Short review for now The figure I got looks great. It’s molded in color with just a little bit of paint for the hair. The goggles, overalls and banana are soft plastic. The goggles really give it personality when they are snapped on to the figure. The legs and arms are hard to snap into place. You have to have them lined up just right. The say you can mix and match arms and feet but I don’t see that happening much if it’s this hard to snap them into place.


Mega Blok’s Description of the toys.

Everyone’s favorite Minions are about to unleash some major chaos with the Mega Bloks Despicable Me™ Buildable Minion Blind Packs Series I packs. Build your own loyal following and collect six popular Minion characters. They come in a blind pack, so you never know which one you will get. You can customize your Minions and mix and match overalls, goggles, accessories, even arms and feet. Collect them all to build your own mischief!



  • One mystery buildable Minion that you can customize with interchangeable accessories
  • Combine with other Mega Bloks Despicable Me™ playsets to build your own Minion mischief


Buildable Minion Blind Packs Series I Codes

  • A25094ES – Tall Minion with an ice cream cone
  • A22094ES – Minion with a Banana
  • A21094ES – Purple Minion Long Haired
  • A19094ES – Minion with a Camera
  • A20094ES – Minion with flask
  • A24094ES – Minion disguised as a Purple Minion

via Dollastic

Kickstarter Project Versa Bricks connects LEGO, Hot Wheels, and K’Nex blocks

Versa Bricks are the brain child of Jerry Schutt of Ohio. Like many of us as a child he would  play with LEGO and Hot Wheels. He wanted to play with the two together and use bricks to build ramps for the cars.  But the ramps were didn’t work as he planned.  Fast forward to today. with his background in engineering,  computer  modeling software,  3D printers for prototypes, and his family, Versa Bricks can be a reality.



Jerry has launched a Kickstarter Project to fund Versa Bricks. There are six different Versa Brick blocks designed to connect LEGO, Hot Wheels, and K’nex toys. A seventh brick that would connect HO scale train track tracks is an unlockable stretch goal.  The bricks will be red. They will be made of ABS material. The funding period opened on October 13  and ends on December 1, that’s just a week away. The Versa Bricks are projected to be delivered in March of next year.

The rewards that are offered include sets of Vera Bricks, the more you donate the more bricks you get, a key chain and holder set made from the versa Bricks, and a Desktop ramp that included a car and a minifig. Certain level s of donations get a bricks in a mystery color.  The biggest donors can attend a build party in Whitehouse, Ohio, where they’ll build a massive creation using Versa Bricks, LEGO, K’Nex and hot wheels.




65eca28a3d3b0782034e1775c5cf4e62_large 810db7378c1913f7bda37510ffe67d06_large

Funding period: Oct 13 2014 – Dec 1 2014 (48 days)
Estimated Delivery: March 2015

This is a pretty cool project. I wish them luck and hope to see these next spring.

Versa Bricks

Twitter @versabrick

Building Block sets on clearance at Target

Target has started their end of season toy clearance. They have marked down several toys, including many building blocks sets. I spotted  reduced Ionix Bricks , nanoblocks, KRE-O, mega bloks, and those light brick sets. I did not see any LEGO clearance.

My local Target had KRE-O Micro changers series 3 down to $1.48. Very good deal on some figures especially if you want to army build or customize your figures. They also had the Micro Changers Combiners four figure sets for $5.48 half off the original price of $10.99. I’ve seen these reduced at a couple of Targets.

pTRU1-18179495_alternate1_enh-z6Also reduced were some Nanoblocks sets. They sets were marked down 30% to 50%. They had many bagged sets and one store had a couple boxed sets. I built a set that I still need to review.

I found Toothless Viking Attack (#21001) for half price. The set had the same Toothless that I already own so I passed on this. I did get the giant Toothless Battle set (#21003) for half price. Retail was $39.99 I thought that was too much for only 242 pieces. But 19.98 was a reasonable price. that puts the blocks about eight cents each. They did not have anymore of the small Dragon only sets.

ionix how to train your dragon

Target has reduced some of the Tenkai Knights sets. The blind bags figures were $1.94. and a few other sets were markets down.

Will you head to Target to get some bricks? Have you see any other store marking down their toys? What deals have you found?

McFarlane Toys to release Building Blocks

High-end manufacturer McFarlane Toys has entered the construction toy category with a range based on the popular adult zombie series The Walking Dead. These toys will be sold exclusively at Toys R Us. twd-building-announcement_photo_01_cs

The building sets and expansion packs will feature popular characters and accessories including Daryl Dixon with Chopper, The Governor’s Room, and Prison Tower with Gate. The zombie apocalypse can be expanded with additional figure and accessory packs.

The Walking Dead series one product line will feature building sets, expansion packs, and figure blind bags for consumers to build their own The Walking Dead apocalypse:


The Building Sets: MSRP $9.99-64.99 – Daryl Dixon with Chopper, The Governor’s Room, and Prison Tower with Gate.
Blind Bag Figures: MSRP $2.99 – Daryl Dixon, Michonne, The Governor, Carl Grimes, Riot Gear Walker, Michonne’s Pet Walker, and Herd Walkers.

Official announcement at Mcfarland Toys Toy and Hobby Article

McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead Building Set The Prison Tower_5BBB9AB0-107F-11E4-AD17005056A302E6

Macfarland Toys Makes some great looking high detailed figures. The set and figures look realistic. Not word on scale or if they blocks are compatible with LEGO. I hope so, those sets will make great backdrops for my action figures.

How To Train Your Dragon Ionix sets part 2

I bought a couple more Ionix Bricks How To Train You Dragon Building sets. I found Toothless (#20001) and Stormfly (#20003) at Target. Target has the sets for $5.99 temporary reduced to $5.69.  They are on sale this week along with many other How to Train Your Dragon toys.

I did not take step by step pictures this time. In general the sets were easier to build than Barf and Belch set. The brick was different and it transformed easier than that set. The body brick was the same for Toothless (17 pieces) and Stormfly (14 pieces). You can see from this image that the neck is sturdier than the one I blogged about last week.


There was some difficulty building Stormfly. The underbelly did not want to stay together. The instructions were to put 2 one by two bricks on the body the attach the belly part. It was easier to attach the one by twos to the belly then the belly to the body.

Toothless was easier to build. I like the way the tail was made of ball pieces with studs on them. It looks more like a spine than a single piece would. This also gives the tail  more articulation. I like the painting and colors on both sets the heads are well done.


Foolish Lego asked if the figures were sturdy. They are and they aren’t. Toothless and Stormfly are sturdier than Barf and Belch. Parts did not just fall off of them. But pieces can snap off and that is part of the design. The build for Toothless had me remove part of a brick flip it over and reattached it. They are designed to give instead of break but I wouldn’t let little kids play with them.



Ionix Bricks are sold at Target, Toys R us, and Wal-mart. But I haven’t seen the How To Train your Dragon sets at Wal-mart.