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Happy Independence Day 2020!

A full moon on Independence Day means Captain America Werewolf!

Werewolf captain America holding a US flag.



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Sam Wilson

sam wilson as captain America

Happy Independence Day 2019!

lego captain america, 4th of July

Happy Halloween from the Captain.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Avengers August Day Twenty-nine

This past Saturday Toys R Us had a LEGO Build Event. I took my son so he could build a Captain America Mosaic. This is a free event and no preregistration is required, but it is first come first served.

We went to Lowe’s, built our Hulk figure(post coming soon) then killed some time shopping before we went to Toys R Us. At TRU they set up a couple tables, on with the LEGO bricks and another for a workstation to build the set.



There is a poster with the bricks you need. It list how many of each piece you need. There are bins of bricks on the table. You walk around the table and bag all the pieces. Then go build the project. Unfortunately at this the location they didn’t set the bricks up in order. They should have been in the same order they were on the poster but they were not. It took longer to collect the bricks and we missed a few and had to go back. capt_mural

We took our bag of pieces and our 1:1 template found some space and built it. The base is a 16×16 square. To build it you used the template to figure the correct brick.

It was a cool build, my son had fun and now he has a cool art piece.

Your Thoughts?

Have you ever been to one of these TRU Build events? What did you build?

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Avengers August Twenty-Third



Your Thoughts

Who is your favorite avenger? Please list them in the comments.  What character would you like to see on the blog?

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Avengers August Day Eleven

This one is almost four years old. It is from August 14 2012 and still one of my favorites. Inspired by the fact that the voice of Spongebob was a guest at a convention I was attending.


Your Thoughts.

Who is your  favorite Avenger? Please list them in the comments. What character would you like to see on the blog?

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UPDATE: Turns out it is Chris Hemsworth’s Birthday!

Avengers August Day Four

It’s Throwback Thorsday. Here’s  Thor from 2012.

 LEGO Superheroes Thor

Who is your favorite Avenger?

Please list them in the comments. What character would you like to see on the blog?

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This Summer your Child can Assemble the Avengers!

Build and Grow!

Need a free activity for your little geek? Lowe’s offers free building clinics, the children’s version is called Build and Grow.  The summer theme is Avengers: Ultron Revolutions. Every other Saturday, they have a new kit.

I took my son to one a few weeks ago. They were set up in the lumber section.  There were lots of work stations set up for the event. I gave them my waiver and they ask “Are you building here?” We said yes and they gave us the set and a child sized hammer. We found a table and sorted the pieces.

lowes build and grow

The first set was Captain America. The kit had several pieces of pre cut wood, two sizes of nails, stickers and instructions. Once sorted the pieces, we began building. There were a couple missteps in building but it was easy to back up and fix. My son was distracted by all the noise and got a little restless. But I told him we were almost done.

The instructions were clear for adults but kids will need help. There are some steps where you have to place stickers before nailing. Some parts have to be set between others before you can nail. The instructions point these out just be sure to read them a couple times.


The final product is neat. A couple of weeks later they had the Iron Man. I had to work early that day so my wife took my son to pick up the set and they brought it home to build later. We did the same thing this past weekend with the Falcon Build and Grow event.

lowes build and grow Falcon fron teh avengers kit

Each character has an action, Captain America moves his shield, Iron man has a light up arc reactor. and Falcon flaps his wings. The figures also come with a wedge shaped base with the character’s name on it. Once you get all six the wedges make a circle with the Avengers logo. The Avengers stand Back to back in a cool display.


There are three more Build and Grow Avengers events. The next one is on July 23 and the featured character is Thor. After that is Black Widow and Hulk finishes out the collection. The dates for the last two haven’t been posted yet, but so far it’s been every other Saturday.

What’s Included?

The free kit has a wooden project, instructions with a comic on the back,  a patch of that project, an apron and goggles. The event I went to we saw kids with aprons and goggles. We didn’t get either when we checked in. When we returned the hammer, we saw the aprons and asked for one, but I didn’t see goggles. You can put your child’s name on the apron and iron on the patches. Then they can wear next time.

To attend the event you need to register at Lowes Build and Grow. Use the store locator to fins the nearest event. Fill out the form. Then print out the waiver and bring it to with you. Registration for the next event opens Monday after an event.

  • Thor July 23
  • Black Widow Aug 13
  • Hulk Aug ?

UPDATE I have seen other articles stating that the events are every other Saturday year round. But that may not be the case. They are skipping a week between the Thor and Black Widow projcts. Always check The Lowe’s site for the event date.

They also sell some Build and Grow kits. They had a couple of wood cars sets and some child sized hammers. The kits are not in the area where the event occurred. At our location they were near the Key cutting section. You can see some of the sets on the Build and Grow site.

Ever been?

Have you ever taken your child to one of these events? Will you take them to one?


Brick Swag May Unboxing Theme: Super Heroes

It’s July and I just now have time to post the May box. It’s kind of fitting since it’s Independence Day and I’m wearing the May shirt today.  The theme for Brick Swag this month is “Super Heroes”. BrickSwag


The shirt design features a LEGO Captain America’s Shield. This is on of my favorite shirts. It tarnished a bit by that stupid Hydra Cap publicity stunt started right after I got the shirt.



The Silly Brick Pics poster features Superheroes. The text says “Always be yourself, unless you can be a Superhero.” There are five Superhero themed trading cards.

BrickSwag’s May Build


The build for May is a Creator Tiger polybag. Nice little set but disappointing considering it doesn’t fit the theme.  The BrickSwag brick is orange and has the May 2016 printed on on end.There’s also some custom capes from Cape Madness.

Brick Books

brick_swag_may_book  There was only one build in this month’s box but we did get a DK readers Super Heroes book. Plus a comic that is usually packed in the DC comics LEGO sets. brick_swag_comic

Have you noticed what Brick periodical is not pictured this month. This month my copy of Build was a digital copy. They are considering going digital to save on printing cost and putting that saving into more bricks per month or more colors on shirts.

BrickSwag Box Contents

  1. Tiger Build
  2. LEGO Captain America Shield Shirt
  3. BrickSwag 2×3 Brick
  4. Build Magazine
    • An article on how the Super Station Master minifigure from a 1998 PC game.
    • A timeline of how many Hero mini fig were released year by year.
    • Instructions on building a baby Kal-El Spaceship from AbbieDabbles
    • An Article of how they build the brick shield that used as a reference for the shield shirt.
    • An article on the LEGO Ideas Maze set.
    • A list of events BrickSwag will be attending.
  5. Custom capes
  6. Five mini-fig Cards
  7. Be a Super Hero poster
  8. Lego Book
  9. LEGO comic


Cape Madness

Brick Builders Club

Silly Brick Pics


So how much does this cost? A monthly subscription is $26 plus shipping. It was $7 for me so total cost was $34. The price per month goes down if you buy in 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscriptions. Subscribe to their email sometimes they send  discount code for new subscribers.

Next Month’s Theme

Sweet Treats

Your Thoughts?

What do you think of Brick Swag? Other Subscriptions boxes?

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No you move


Independence Day


Have a safe and happy Independence Day

A New Sidekick

Sometimes you just need a new sidekick.


Fallout Boy ask who the hell is bucky?

Quick reminder my prints will be available for the final weekend of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. Looks for the booth between the pub and the Children’s area.

Talk like a Pirate Day at the Avengers’ Mansion!

A barrel of Pirate jokes today!

avengers as pirates

September 19 is international Talk like a Pirate Day.

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Talk Like A


To claim yer bounty on September 19, ye must:
• Come in to a participating Krispy Kreme shop and Talk like a pirate for one FREE Original Glazed doughnut.
• Come in to a participating Krispy Kreme location in full pirate costume for one FREE dozen Original Glazed doughnuts. Qualifying pirate costumes must include three or more of the following items: NO WEAPONS ALLOWED!

Offer good for one free doughnut per customer who talks like a pirate to a Krispy Kreme team member at a participating shop. One free dozen Original Glazed doughnuts per customer who wears a full pirate costume into a participating Krispy Kreme location. Redeemable on September 19, 2014 only at participating Krispy Kreme US locations.

Full details at Krispy Kreme


Independence Day


Have a safe and happy Independence Day


Have a great weekend.

lego captian America

Affiliate post: Muppets Avengers mash ups

At TeeFury February 25th only!


If you like this shirt remember to use the links in this post. TeeFury is an affiliate site. Sales made through these links help support this site.

Happy Independence Day!

capt_4thjulyv2Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

Big Man in a suit of armor.

Big man ina suit of armor, LEGO Capt America and Iron Man

Big Man in a suit of Armor! stars Captain America (6865 Captain America’s Avenging Cycle) and Iron Man mark (Iron Man vs. Fighting Drone. #30167) Iron Man Vs Fighting Drone is free at and LEGO store with a $50 purchase. Till May 31 or supplies run out.