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December 6 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar

Another Empire build. I couldn’t tell what this was till I finished the build. It’s Cloud City with a cloud Car flying patrolling it. I like this mini builds of important places in the Star Wars Saga.




2016 LEGO Advent Calendar(s) Day 2

It’s Star Wars LEGO Advent time. The first Gift for 2016 is a Bespin Guard.




Also this year I’m posting the mini advent (40222 Christmas Build Up)that LEGO gave as a promotion in October. The set is 250 pieces. You can’t build all the models at the same time. But after sorting the parts, I could see that most were common bricks that I may already have in my collection. Many of them are the common spare pieces that LEGO packs in sets. So I may build a model with a different color brick.

The bricks I may be not have extra are the eyes for the animals, We will see.



I’ll edit this post with a pic of the second gift later.