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World Penguin Day

It’s world Penguin Day , so here’s an awesome Penguin cosplay from when we attended the GeekGathering in 2016.




Geek Gathering 2016

The Geek Gathering day two starts at noon. We saw these two yesterday. Who will be there today?

We still have plenty of prints. Come get something to decorate your wall.


Harley Quinn and the Joker at the Geek Garthering


A Heroic Customer!

We had a heroic visitor to the booth.  We just sold “Not the Archer, I’m looking for” to a special guest.

lego black canary give black eye to lego hawkeye


This guy!



Geek Gathering 2016

We’re in Alabama at The Geek Gathering.  Lots of cool stuff and great costumes!


Deadpool and Bombshell Ivy prints are pretty popular.


Geek Gathering 2016

We’re at The Geek Gathering.  Just saw the Penguin!




The Geek Gathering 2015 Making Friends


The Geek Gathering continues at Noon today.

The Geek Gathering 2015


I had a great time at the Geek Gathering today. Here’s a pic of Harley Quinn. More pics to follow.

Carolina Game Table Kickstarter

Awesome new kickstarter for gaming, puzzles and hobbies. A table with a hidden gaming area. I know this family conventions, they been booth neighbors a few time. I wish them luck with this new project.

You might know us already—Clint and Jodi Black—from our work with Savage Worlds and Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Clint and his family have made furniture for three generations in Hickory, NC, furniture capital of the world. We think we’re uniquely qualified to bring you a classic looking table suitable for everyday dining and Game Night.

This table looks so cool.

There is a wide edge for leaning on (or placing a character sheet, game tokens, or puzzle pieces) with most of the play area in easy reach. The 32″ x 50″ play area is 3 inches deep and covered in burgundy cloth.

Carolina Game table Kickstarter Page

The project was funded in just five hours! Congratulations to Carolina Game Table!

Falcon Friday!

Lego Falcon Minifif in flight

A quick pic cause I had a little time today.


Tomorrow my wife will be the Cosplay Yard sale near East Ridge. I won’t be on the road myself till the Geek Gathering in Shefflield, Al this September.

Cosplay Yard Sale
Camp Jordan Park
323 Camp Jordan Parkway, East Ridge, Tennessee 37412

Brickfair Alabama: The waiting is the hardest part.

I finally have time for a Brickfaire Alabama recap.


We got there a little later than we had anticipated and we surprised by the huge line. The show started at 11am. I thought if we got there around noon, the early crowd would be gone.  We left later than i wanted and noon turned to one. Then after a stop for lunch, one turned to 1:30 before we made to the convention center.  The line outside snaked from the entrance across the front of the building to the corner and then up the side of the street. The line kept growing behind us. But the line moved swiftly. Every few minutes they would let another fifty people into the exhibit hall. They did come around asking if anyone had presale tickets. So next year I’ll get presale tickets.  There wasn’t one last year and we got there around lunch time.



Once inside the building the line moved from the door to the right wall the back to the left and up the stairs. Then it flowed from above the stairs around the corner and down a hallway to the doors. They let more people inside and we almost made it but got stop at the door. At least now we were first inline.  A friendly Brickfair worker chatted with us. asked how long we’d been there at that point it was about forty minutes. We just had to wait a little bit long for a few people to clear out and we could enter the fun.



Once inside to the immediate left was the play and stay area. To the right a massive brick built Crane and just a just pass that our first stop, EclipseGrafx. They had some awesome custom bricks. I had a list of what I needed and stuck to it. I got some food bricks and zombie heads, although they didn’t have one of the heads I was hunting.


Part of the Mini-Con display. The Mini-Con was a model of the convention itself and individual exhibitors built tiny version of their builds.

After shopping it was train time. My son loved looking at the trains. We watched them for a little while then moved to mini-con. The Mini-Con is a brick model of the convention hall. BrickFair provided the basic structure to the model and then vendors add minimises of their displays. We turn from that table ans saw Thomas the train.

After that we played a couple of the crane games. Didn’t win anything but didn’t spend too much either. They didn’t have the build a mini fig vending machine that were there last year. I wanted to build a random fig for the blog.  I tried to build a random fig at a booth by just blindly grabbing parts.  It just didn’t feel the same so I passed. My son however built his own minig fig. He was very proud of it. We took a chance at winning some bricks. There was a jar of bricks.  who ever guessed closest to the number of bricks would win the box.  I made a guess. My son want to drop the slip in the box, so I lifted him up. Then he want to fill out a paper. so brickfair got post note scribble in their box.


We visited the Brick Warriors booth and got a full bag of fantasy pieces. My son was helping by filling my cup with round viking shields. We looked at minifig and models for a while. The swung around for another pass. We found the  Modern Brick Warfare booth. They had some great weapons and minifigs. I was too busy visiting to remember to buy some riot shields.


Brickfair_AL_048 Brickfair_AL_052

We even saw a celebrity Emmet was at Brickfair! We looked at the train once more. It was time to admit we were tired and ready to head home. My son was asleep by the time we hit I-65.



There will be three more Brickfair events later this year.

BrickFair NE 2015: Manchester, NH   May 2 – May 3, 2015
BrickFair VA 2015: Chantilly, VA   August 1- August 2, 2015
BrickFair NJ 2015: Somerset, NJ   October 31 – November 1, 2015