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Brickfair Alabama this weekend

Brickfaire Alabama is January 17&18 11am-4pm at the Birmingham Convention Center (East Hall) Come and see LEGO builds. They will have games and contests. Plus a vendor area with LEGO resellers and customize brick sellers. Brick Fair will host a Play area where attendees can just free build.

brick fair pictures

A Crane game filled with LEGO Bricks.


LEGO models, displays and winding trains sprawled out over 58,000 square feet.

BrickFair brings together adult fans of LEGO from across the USA (and Canada, and a few other countries) to show off their projects, great and small, and to share their passion for LEGO – the most awesome toy – ever. -BrickFair

Tickets $10 three and under free. Parking $8 but metered street parking is free on weekends.



I attended last year and had a great time. There was so many things to see and do you didn’t know where to start. There were dozens of s LEGO sold in sets or by the brick. Many vendors were selling loose minifigs either form the collectible series or from opened sets. There was also LEGO related media the Brickshow and Brick Journal were both in attendance.


Clone Army Customs

Again this year there will be custom vendors that mold new part or take  official LEGO parts and repaint them. Some of these are Clone Army Customs, BrickWarriors, Modern Brick Warfare, and EclipseGrafx. Some of the LEGO resellers include Classic Plastic bricks, Atlanta Brick Company, and we like it bricks and studs.

This one of the parts vending machines. There was a group of them called Build a Girl. Each machine had a body part one, a head, one a torso, and one legs. Onece you visited them all you had a randomly made minifig. There were also machine that had just bricks by kind or building function.  These are some nice options to get a bit of the randomness fun.


modern brick warfare custom minifig accessories

Brickfair Alabama runs January 17-18  at the Birmingham Convention Center in Birmingham, Alabama. 11am-4pm. $10 admission. If you are a LEGO fan and nearby be sure to visit.  There will be three more Brickfair events later this year.

BrickFair NE 2015: Manchester, NH   May 2 – May 3, 2015
BrickFair VA 2015: Chantilly, VA   August 1- August 2, 2015

BrickFair NJ 2015: Somerset, NJ   October 31 – November 1, 2015

New Sponsor Modern Brick Warfare custom minifig accessories

New Year, New Sponsor

Please welcome Modern Brick Warfare they are a reseller of Police and Military custom minifigs and accessories.

Modern Brick Warfare (MBW) is the USA Official reseller of Minifig.Cat products that specializes in original, compatible LEGO® custom weapons and custom gear for minifigs.
All toys are produced using high quality ABS plastic resulting in top of the line detailed toys to use with your LEGO® minifigs. MBW also sells a number of LEGO® custom minifigs and custom sets to meet your army building needs.

They have minifig rifles, shotguns, pistols and knives. Modern Brick warfare also has tactical vests, gas masks, riot shields and more to outfit your minifigs. Please check them out by clicking their banner.


Creations for Charity 2014

The LEGO Car Blog just reminder me about a great program. Since 2009  Creations for Charity has run an annual fundraiser for underprivileged children. LEGO builders create custom items from bricks, minifigs and MOCs. They donate the items to C4C, which sells them to buy LEGO sets for children. You can even have a custom project built for yourself.

The Creations for Charity brick link store opens on October 15 and closes on November 30th. There are just a few days to pick up a custom item. I’ve messed up the past couple years and missed the deadline. I just place my first purchase and feel happy about it. If you are looking for something special for the LEGO fans on your list check them out.

According to a November 24 post, they’ve already raised over $6,000 this year. At that point there was a week left in the fund raising drive. Now it’s just the holiday weekend left. I hope they break their record this year.



On Saturday the 29th C4C is joining Beyond the Brick for a 24 hour live stream. From 5pm EST 11/28 through 5pm 11/29, tune in for a full day fun and building with Lego fans from the online community on Google Hangout. “We will be raising money together for this year’s Creations for Charity through a pledge system. For each hour spent on the stream, anyone can pledge to donate a certain amount to the fundraiser. The LEGO Group has pledged to donate a Lego set for every man-hour on air!”

This is a great fundraiser. Help if you can purchase an item for a LEGO fan, pledge and watch the stream and feel good about helping.

Please share and reblog this post to help get the word out.



Kickstarter Project Versa Bricks connects LEGO, Hot Wheels, and K’Nex blocks

Versa Bricks are the brain child of Jerry Schutt of Ohio. Like many of us as a child he would  play with LEGO and Hot Wheels. He wanted to play with the two together and use bricks to build ramps for the cars.  But the ramps were didn’t work as he planned.  Fast forward to today. with his background in engineering,  computer  modeling software,  3D printers for prototypes, and his family, Versa Bricks can be a reality.



Jerry has launched a Kickstarter Project to fund Versa Bricks. There are six different Versa Brick blocks designed to connect LEGO, Hot Wheels, and K’nex toys. A seventh brick that would connect HO scale train track tracks is an unlockable stretch goal.  The bricks will be red. They will be made of ABS material. The funding period opened on October 13  and ends on December 1, that’s just a week away. The Versa Bricks are projected to be delivered in March of next year.

The rewards that are offered include sets of Vera Bricks, the more you donate the more bricks you get, a key chain and holder set made from the versa Bricks, and a Desktop ramp that included a car and a minifig. Certain level s of donations get a bricks in a mystery color.  The biggest donors can attend a build party in Whitehouse, Ohio, where they’ll build a massive creation using Versa Bricks, LEGO, K’Nex and hot wheels.




65eca28a3d3b0782034e1775c5cf4e62_large 810db7378c1913f7bda37510ffe67d06_large

Funding period: Oct 13 2014 – Dec 1 2014 (48 days)
Estimated Delivery: March 2015

This is a pretty cool project. I wish them luck and hope to see these next spring.

Versa Bricks

Twitter @versabrick

Save and Earn Store Credit at Brick Warriors!

Open a new account at Brickwarriors and get $5.00 credit for your next order. If you tell them I referred you, I’ll get credit on a future order.  Brickwarriors makes custom accessories for your LEGO minifigures. They cover several genres including wild west, fantasy, Greek mythology and modern warfare. You may remeber when I used their wings and armor with the Medusa minifig.

lego medusa has wings


We have just slashed prices on dozens of items.  Here are some highlights (all 75 cents or less!)- Brick


Plus for November 5% of all sales go to Toys for Tots!

1)  BrickWarriors has several bricks on sale
2) 5% of all sales this month will go to Toys for Tots!
3) When you check out, write “referred by Chris Jarvis/YodaArchives” in the comments section. We’ll both get credit on a future order.



Store Credit details: 1) Must be a new customer.  2) In order to apply store credit, you must create an account (credit cannot be applied to those who check out as guests).

She didn’t get her wings from redbull.

A quick picture to show you my Brickwarriors demon wings. I got the wings in January at Brick Fair Alabama. I too busy checking out the cool stuff and forgot to get the armor that attaches the wings to the minifig. I placed an order over the weekend and the armor and several other parts arrived today. You will see more accessories here soon.

lego medusa has wings



Brick Warroirs at five below

A quick heads up to those that collect third-party accessories. I just found some Brick Warriors Warrior packs at Five Below. Each pack is a themed set of accessories. There’s a gangster set with several guns, a western set, a scfi set, a minotaur set, and more.  The bag says collect at 12.  The back of the bag is clear so you know what you are getting.

I got a gladiator set with a spiked helmet, shield, anvil, scroll, larger hammer, and a pair of boot wings.



The packs are $2.99 which is a good deal. I know many of the pieces are $1.00 a piece online or at a convention.  There’s coupon code in the bag for some free items from brick The code expires at the end of June so check your local five below.  I bought some pieces from Brick warriors at a con a few months back. I’ve been meaning to get some more so I ordered a few more items and you’ll see the results in another post.